Miley Cyrus Named 'Hottest Woman' & That's Just Not Right

miley cyrusMiley Cyrus has a new honor to add to her resume. The former Disney star is now a bona fide sex symbol. Miley was just named #1 on Maxim's Hot list. Needless to say, she's over the moon about the honor, even tweeting the news to fans before the magazine had a chance to announce it. Last year's top spot went to model Bar Refaeli and Miley ranked 68th back then. Wanna know how she made such a huge jump?

So do we. I like Miley. She may not have the best voice or Oscar-worthy acting chops, but I get why she's a star. But the hottest star? It just seems so ... so out of left field. At least that's what I thought at first. Then I started to dissect Miley's last year.

Her trail to supreme hotness began as she tried to carve out a bolder, sexier, post-Hannah Montana persona. Every Disney star will tell you it can be hell overcoming that good-girl image. For Miley, that meant having a high profile romance. In the past, she has reportedly been linked to Nick Jonas, Justin Gason, Mike Posner, Avan Jogia, and Josh Bowman. Then she got engaged to the incredibly gorgeous and sexy Liam Hemsworth.

Then there are all those infamous side boob revealing shirts she walks out the house wearing. It's like she's obsessed with letting her girls feel a constant breeze. She does it so much, it feels more like a style must, than a style slip up for her. Though, her boldest move had to be the haircut. Switching back and forth from blond to brunette wasn't enough. Nor were those straggly extensions. She took her conversion to a whole new level when she chopped off her locks a la Pink.

She has clearly morphed into a woman and Maxim has taken note. Whether she really is the hottest -- well, that's still up for debate. It's just so hard for some of us to really see her that way.

Do you think Miley deserves the Hottest Woman title?

miley cyrus


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Ang9403 Ang9403

Hell no!

nonmember avatar Mel

No I can think of at least 50 stars that are hotter than her. She's so annoying. I don't know what Maxim was thinking. Maybe she paid them...

Chandra Haverstock

Goopster prettiest on people, Miley sexist on maxium...well you can see whose PR machine is at work.

nonmember avatar gie

Tough luck for you hater,MILEY CYRU IS YOUNG & SUPER HOT& fearless has body and natural multi- talent to match,so get over it.MILEY CYRUS IS #1 MAXIM hot 100.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

Definently not... She shouldn't even be in the top 100...

nonmember avatar pamela|

YES SHE DESERVES THIS TITTLE! she may not be as beautiful as other wondrefull women, BUT! she has changed and that's a big step to take when you're an artist. You always have to changed you life style and accept the consequences.

nonmember avatar shandeigh

I suppose if you're into chipmunks...

Wileen Byroads

I think she is the nastiest woman alive!bad

mamav... mamavaness

ohmyfreakkkkinggod! u women are fucking bitches! shes a beautiful girl! prettier than last years mila kunis. i swear you all need to get laid. im sad you have children and they will grow up shallow and catty like you.

Serab... Serabelle

Since Maxim's list is vote based, I say she deserves it. The men who read the mag chose her! She's pretty with a rockin bod, too bad the women on this site are so prone to making fun of pretty girls, from Taylor to Gwen to Miley, no one can show any respect. Calling her ugly, nasty, or anything else people have said is wrong. I might not think she's the hottest, and I don't think Gwen is most beautiful, but they are both beautiful women with great bodies and a lot of talent. Too bad women can't be happy for each other, or a stranger.

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