'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Gets Let Off the Hook by Dr. Drew

farrah abrahamYou'd think Dr. Drew would know better than to assume Teen Mom Farrah Abraham made an adult film to finance her dreams of opening a restaurant, but apparently, he likes giving the reality star a lot of credit. While he says he would've advised Farrah against starring in a porn had she asked for his opinion, he also says he doesn't think he could've convinced her otherwise.

Fair enough. But let's not pretend she did this for anything other than fame and fortune. Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom was not a last-ditch effort to get the money she needs to cook for people.

He told Zach Sang & the Gang:

Farrah is making horrible, horrible choices. Let’s say she takes that $2 million and opens a restaurant, which has always been her dream, how are you going to talk a 21-, 22-year-old out of that? I just don’t know.

Dr. Drew. Puh-effing-lease. He's making it sound like Farrah had sex on camera for money in order to fund her life-long dream of becoming a chef. He's making it sound like no one could talk her out of following her passion for opening a restaurant, which, come on.

Dr. Drew's been criticized for being too easy on the Teen Moms during the reunion specials, and here he goes again, letting Farrah off the hook.

By implying that Farrah's high hopes for being a restaurateur can't be reeled in, he totally skirts the issue and is ignoring the core concern. Farrah did porn for fame; to become a sex symbol; to somehow feel better about herself. Let's be real: Farrah's backdoor tape has nothing to do with her "dream" of owning an eatery.

What do you think of Dr. Drew's comments?


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nonmember avatar Christina

Why are people so upset over her making a porno? Who cares what she does? Sheesh.

Laura Palmer

Dr. Drew is also not her father, I am sure in the back of his mind he really could give two shits what that girl does.

LostS... LostSoul88

Why is this site obsessed with this person? Can we actually go a day without a post about her

nonmember avatar Katie

Really?! She couldn't use the money from MTV for that???? Whatever! There is no excuse for this trashy behavior! She just wants ANY kind of attention she can get. She's like a little child misbehaving, internally screaming, "Look at me, look at me!" Pathetic!

Allie Hoffman

what's my opinion.....my opinion is PEOPLE SHOULD'NT HAVE OPINIONS ON OTHER PEOPLES LIFE. who cares...its her life she can make what ever decisions she wants.

nonmember avatar Anonnnn.

Where are you getting from Dr. Drew's comment that he's "letting her off the hook?". He didn't say, that's WHY she made the porno .. like, do you think before you speak??? Better question, what the hell does it matter. Are you mad you don't get paid close to what she made by showing off her naked body on camera??? Come on, people. Let's find some REAL news to talk about instead of just grumbling on about this girl and her sex tape. Do you think this girl cares what you think about her? She's making bank and you're GIVING her the fame by talking about it!

Karen Dowling-Barth

Dr Drew is part of the teen mom franchise and gets paid to interview them...of course he isn't going to say anything bad!

Kristina Brown

I completely disagree with you. I think a lot of your articles have been very opinionated and judgemental and this one is as well. I think people should leave Farrah alone and stop judging. I side with Dr. Drew on this one. Porn videos are not for everyone and obviously, most of us wouldn't be in one. But why judge her for wanting to do it and earn some money! How many people can say they have a million dollars at age 21? Not many. Who cares what she uses the money on.. fact is that her and her daughter are now financially set for life! I don't see any harm in that. So she made a sex tape, so what??? Did she hurt anyone?? NO! Get over it and make sure your life is perfect before you judge someone else!

mamat... mamatreat

Seriously- why does it matter if she starred in a porno? After "Teen Mom" she's gonna have to do something to stay in the public eye. Lets not forget he "leaked" tapes of Kim K. and Paris. It made them famous. Yeah she's got a kid- so do a lot of porn stars. My mom was a topless dancer for half my childhood. I've never been ashamed of her. 

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