Creepy Statue of Kim Kardashian & Kate Middleton's Babies Takes Weird to a Whole New Level (PHOTO)


kim kardshian kate middleton baby statueUhhhhh, how shall I put this? An artist named Daniel Edwards has created a bronze sculpture of Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton's babies, which is exactly as strange and ridiculous as it sounds.

The piece is entitled "Special K and Little Grape," in reference to the nickname Kate and Prince William gave their baby-to-be, and I guess the "K" is kind of self explanatory.

And if the statue itself isn't odd enough for you, Edwards' description of his creation definitely ups the ante on the creepy factor.

He says in a statement:

Baby Kimye (Special K) is depicted as a chubby-cheeked-cherub with angelic curls, and 'Ks' shaved in the hair. The royal baby (Little Grape), who resembles Prince William as an infant, sucks its thumb and wears the crown Queen Elizabeth wore as a princess for King George VI's coronation. The slumbering pair floats in harmony, appearing as womb-mates.

OMG. Womb-mates? For real? All I know is that when and if Kate Middleton sees this thing, she's going to be nothing short of appalled. Kim, on the other hand, may be kind of into it, being that she's appeared to be a bit obsessed with the Duchess in the past. She may totally dig the idea of their babies sharing some sort of unspoken bond, you know -- since they now have their own figurine and all.

But maybe Kim will see past the Kate connection entirely since this does involve her baby-to-be. Think about it for a second. Wouldn't you be a little freaked out if someone made a statue to commemorate your baby -- who isn't even born yet?

I mean, it's all well and good when parents bronze their kids' baby shoes and other trinkets -- but to go so far as to create a "work of art" around someone else's baby? That's just plain crazy. I know they're celebrities, which means they're subjected to being in the public eye -- but you'd think people would have the decency to give them a little space, at least when it comes to their children. That's something every mom deserves, regardless of how many people know her name.

(Man. Aren't you glad you aren't a celebrity?)

What do you think of this statue?


Image via Splash

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nonmember avatar Madeline

The composition of the sculpture is nicely balanced and has a very elegant feel to it. This is certainly Modern art but in no way pointless Dada. The artist is depicting the obsession with celebrity and the pregnancy fad. The only reason the sophisticated Kate Middleton and the controversy ridden Kim Kardashian are even mentioned in the same sentence is because they are both is the same stages of pregnancy. The piece is not "creepy" and there is a message here by the artist.

nonmember avatar djm

It is cute.

Andre... Andreamom001

It's odd to create a statue of two unrelated famous unborn babies, but not as odd as a lot of other art.  It's working to get the artist noticed.  I don't think it's creepy at all.

Babies are cute, and the statue is cute.  There's nothing "creepy" about a baby or a statue of a baby.  Smart move by the artist.  Someone will likely buy this for big bucks.

Vegeta Vegeta

It's kind of cool. Both of them are close in age and they're both the most famous unborn baby's in the western superpower world.

nonmember avatar L. Ross

I find the whole Kate / Kim thing to be very funny.

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