'Bachelorette' Winner Jef Holm's Disturbing Arrest Story Will Give You Chills (VIDEO)


jef holmIt's a good thing Jef Holm's dangerous past didn't come up on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette, because I'm sure she wouldn't have chosen him had she known about his time in the slammer. Jef came clean to WetPaint and explained that not only has he been arrested, but he's also been sent to jail.

Wait until you hear about his bad-boy crime. Warning: it's extremely disturbing.

Disturbingly cute!

Jef admits that he was pulled over and given a ticket for not wearing a helmet, on his scooter, when he was 16. He never paid that $20 ticket and then, at 19 years old, he was pulled over again for not using his blinker, on his scooter. The cop informed him that because of his previous unpaid ticket, there was a warrant out for his arrest, and they took him to the big house.

Thing is, though, even the policeman knew Jef wouldn't last a second in jail, so he allowed the pretty boy to ride in the front of the cop car and sit in the front of the jailhouse, too, while he assuredly waited for his bail.

Two scooter violations in three years? Wow, that Jef sure is a wild man who can't be tamed. Good thing Emily dumped him before he got into any more trouble ... I mean, one minute you're not signaling correctly while on a scooter, the next you're crossing the street during the Do Not Walk sign. Horrifying.

Watch Jef tell his sordid arrest story:

Thoughts on Jef's past as an outlaw?


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nonmember avatar Beth

Doesn't it go without saying that if you're arrested, you go to jail? It's not like he went to prison. I know this article was a joke, but the intro still doesn't make sense

Cheryl Elliott Feltman

This is stupid...kids do dumb things...it's not like it was murder, drugs, assault or anything serious...give me a break!

Ellen Block Rickel

This article is disturbing REALLY!   Who hasn't not paid a fine on time....when you have something worth reading then let's hear from ya...


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