Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Set a Wedding Date So They Must Be the Real Deal, Right?

Kim Kardashian Kanye WestOMG. It's really happening, people. Yep, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding date has reportedly been set -- and it looks like the happy couple is planning on tying the knot a lot sooner than most of us expected.

With their baby due in July and all, it wouldn't have been a shock if Kim and Kanye decided to wait another year or so before getting hitched, well, because planning a wedding and getting ready for a baby at the same time is quite a bit to take on. (Plus, I just can't picture Kim as a pregnant bride, can you?)

But apparently they can handle it, based on when they're getting married.

Are you ready? An insider says Kimye will supposedly officially become Mr. and Mrs. Kimye right after their baby arrives -- in a location "where they can hear the waves and be married under the moon and stars." The source also adds that Kim has her sights set on Big Sur, California for the evening ceremony. (That's SO them, isn't it?)

Aww. How great is it that they want to become husband and wife immediately after their baby arrives? It definitely proves that both of them are a bit more traditional than we thought -- and that Kim really isn't all that vain. Most women wouldn't so much as think about putting on a wedding dress until all of their baby weight is off, so Kim must really love Kanye if she realizes the commitment is more important than the actual wedding itself.

And get this one -- Kanye has set a few rules for the big day. (You're not going to believe this.) He doesn't want any media attending the wedding -- and he doesn't have any plans to sell their wedding photos for profit. (What's that you say? A Kardashian event that no one will make a buck off of? Whoa.)

If he's that dead set on keeping their wedding private, it sounds like Kanye is much more of a gentleman than anyone gives him credit for. And it also appears as though he and Kim are the real deal, and that they're serious about spending the rest of their lives together.

Um, I'm a little amazed at how happy I am for them after hearing this news. It's tough enough to find lasting love in the real world, but to live happily ever after in the celeb realm? Yeah, that's next to impossible. But it sounds like Kim and Kanye may just beat the odds after all.

Are you surprised that Kim and Kanye are getting married so soon?


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nonmember avatar Anon

Big Sur is too classy for these trolls.

Melan... MelanieJK

Better late than never.    I'm still not feeling this is long term.  

mamat... mamatreat

Really? You think this marriage is going to work out? Cause her jumping the gun has worked so well in the past? When will this girl start understanding marriage is not a joke and shouldn't be rushed into? 

hello... hellokd87

Why is everyone so hateful towards Kim?! She's known Kanye for YEARS but they were never available at the same time. They started off as friends & being friends with someone in that mind of relationship just makes it mich more exciting that they're FINALLY together!! I'm so happy for them!!!

Patricia L. Caviness

Hard to believe, Cris Jenner would allow this to happen without the big pay day. Guess that is why we are now having the Jenner kids pushed on us.

lkm091 lkm091

I'm sorry but IMO getting knocked up and then deciding to get married doesn't necessarily make their story "lasting love in the real world" or that they "may just beat the odds after all," whether they're a celebrity couple or not.

Jeffrey Musial

if they were really loving, why wasn't kanye with im all the way thru her court dates for the divorce? Instead of worrying bout a new alum and cheating on her. but Kim just doesn't learn des she? any bets on how long this one will last?

Marcie Guarco

I knew they were gonna run to the alter as soon as she got divorced

nonmember avatar shawna

I thought legally after a divorce you couldn't get remarried for 6 months. Am I wrong or do celebrities not count? I am happy for Kimya but really if their in love they should wait

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