Lindsay Lohan Is Missing After Spending Just 3 Minutes in Her Court-Ordered Rehab

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Lindsay LohanWhere in the world is Lindsay Lohan? If you can find her, I bet a few law enforcement officials in Los Angeles would love a tip. The 26-year-old trouble maker was supposed to start her stint in rehab yesterday. Now, she's nowhere to be found. LiLo stopped by Morningside Recovery facility in Newport Beach around 11 a.m. yesterday, and left three minutes later. This comes after Lohan broke her original rehab deal yesterday in New York and jetted off for the LA facility. I know, I'm dizzy thinking about it all too.

Rumor has it that Lohan was spotted in some random electronics store because, well, she clearly needs a new digital camera instead of treatment. Rumor also has it that she's brokered a deal with a different rehab facility called Betty Ford Center as of late last night, but she still hasn't shown up there, either.

Are we surprised LiLo has gone rogue? Hell no. Come on, with all of those 270 looks she packed, there was NO way she was just going to rehab. Hellloooooooo vacation!

Okay so I don't really think Lindsay is heading off to Hawaii anytime soon, especially because there's going to be a warrant out for her arrest if she doesn't show up SOMEWHERE this morning. But really, who knew it was this possible to skip out on so many different rehab facilities in a 48-hour period?

Come on, though, it's not like we don't expect this kind of ridiculous behavior from Lohan. The girl has been in and out of courts for what feels like a bazillion years now. When she's not recklessly driving a car and accidentally nudging pedestrians, she's partying in clubs and wrecking hotel rooms with her mom. The girl never abides by the rules, so why start now -- right?

I think Lohan's gonna get a rude awakening soon. People are gonna stop handling her with care and I wouldn't be surprised if she gets locked up. Or heck, maybe all this running is just part of some reality documentary on the legal system that we have no clue about.

Do you think Lindsay will show up at rehab center #3?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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youth... youthfulsoul

They need to stop giving her chances and throw her junkie ass in jail once and for all.

jhslove jhslove

Oh my God, who cares? Seriously, she's such a waste of space. As the previous commenter said, she's already squandered more chances than any one person should get. Throw her ass in jail until she develops some common sense. Her biggest problem isn't addiction--it's a completely overblown sense of entitlement.

Serab... Serabelle

So sick of hearing about her ridiculous antics. If she wasn't famous her ass would have been locked up long ago. She either needs to go to jail, or have a cop forcibly take her to rehab where she can't just leave. The girl has issues, I get it, but the court is handling her with kid gloves and that is stupid!

nonmember avatar kaerae

So many addicts rotting in jail who would LOVE the chance at a long stay in a decent rehab but can't afford it. Lindsay can and throws it away. Jail is the only place for her.

Niko Igorevich

15 of Lindsay Lohan's trashy wild looks

seems sexy to me

Even if she is a "trainwreck", these are 12 reasons why Lindsay Lohan is still America's favourite sweetheart

ollie... olliespunkma

Eavan if she goes to jail she will only do 10 days surprised she didnt choose that in the first place

Vegeta Vegeta

Another reason why our legal system is a joke. Because you were in a few kids movies like 10 years ago, it's ok to crash cars, shoplift, do tons of drugs, flagrantly disregard court orders, and act completely insane? Yet Joe Nobody down the street is doing 5 years for only having half a teaspoon of pot in his car. Makes a lot of sense.

Frank Hernandez

Time to put her in JAIL nobody is above the law except the stars that buy their way out , maybe she needs a different JUDGE, a lady judge with big b   s.I'm sure if I did this I would probably get the chair!

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