Leaked Reese Witherspoon Arrest Videos Shed New Light on Her Behavior (VIDEOS)

Reese WitherspoonEver since Reese Witherspoon was arrested a little over a week ago, the world has been shaking its head saying, Reese? Really? The reports of her belligerent behavior that night were so unlike the American sweetheart we've all grown to love over the years. We started to question if she's turned into a big diva or maybe she's just a really good actress and has been one all along.

But tonight, some videos of the actual incident from the police dashboard camera were released, and while she was certainly sassy, it all sounds so much better when you see and hear the whole thing coming out of her mouth rather than reading excerpts from the police report. In fact, the tapes are almost funny.

In the first from TMZ, you her saying all sorts of crazy things like, "I'm a U.S. citizen, I'm allowed to stand on American ground" and "I'm obstructing your justice?" They just don't sound that bad in her sweet Southern voice.

And did you hear her husband at the end say, "I'm sorry I had nothing to do with that"?! Way to defend her there, Jim.

In the second video, you can hear her claiming to be pregnant. She's since apologized and said she is definitely not pregnant

What JIm did was wrong, plain and simple; drunk driving is inexcusable. But actually seeing what Reese did makes me wonder if she really even should have been arrested. She wasn't really that bad. Sure she was a little ornery, but she wasn't the big belligerent diva they made her out to be. She just seemed like a really drunk version of the Reese we know and love.

What do you think of these videos? Do you think she should have been arrested for this? 

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silve... silverdawn99

While I think it was in bad taste for the video to be leaked, i am glad she said that she was in the wrong and she made a horrible mistake. Everyone makes mistakes

Ang9403 Ang9403

Everyone makes mistakes, shes still one of my favorites. 

Melan... MelanieJK

Love the cops "I done told you how things work".   

Yes,  she should have been arrested.    They gave her plenty of time to get it together.    Drunk isn't an excuse for anything when it comes to the law.

She doesn't seem that drunk so the video makes it believable that they didn't know how drunk they were.     That's why the decisions regarding driving have to be made BEFORE any drinking starts.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

Yes, she disobeyed direct orders from a law enforcement officer.  She was given warnings and still did not listen.  My husband is a LEO and has to deal with things like this all the time.  It doesn't matter who she is.  You have to follow direct orders from a LEO.  If she had stayed in the car as directed none of this would have happened.  It looks pretty clear to me.  Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.  She could have had a weapon, her husband could have escaped during her interference.  These laws are in place to protect everyone involved. 

starl... starlighthippie

What does LEO stand for? I do not think you do have to follow the orders of a police officer if you are not breaking the law or being held for any reason. I am not a lawyer, so I could be incorrect on that though.

Jennifer Drake Cozier

I like he knew who she was. I mean really who doesn't? She really wasn't acting badly. Looks to me like the cop wanted to be able to say he arrested a famous person!

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