Alexis Bellino Confesses She Wanted to 'Move On' But Did She REALLY Expect To? (VIDEO)

All of this Real Housewives drama has my head spinning. One second Alexis Bellino is crying that she's being bullied (again). The next Tamra Barney is flipping out and using expletives. Bellino recently spoke out to Us Weekly about her and Tamra's gym warming blowout, saying that she was hoping they could have moved on from their past history. But when all is said and done, we can't help but wonder -- who is the real bully here? Did Alexis know what she was walking into that night?

Check out all the details on today's Daily Stir:

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Alexis Bellino Didn't Want Tamra's Drama & We're Calling Her Bluff (VIDEO)

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Do you think Alexis should have known better than to expect a peaceful dinner?


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Joanne Hester

 If you watched the show , Alexis didn't want to go.  She went only after Vicky asked her to please go and said Tamara was OK with it. Tamara hates Alexis,  and heather is along for the ride. Gretchen just wants to be friends with Tamara so she will leaves her and Slade alone.

nonmember avatar Lissa

This is a reality show and they signed up fir this sobyou should be oresent at tgese functions. Tamara should not have agreed to letting Alexis come. Don't all of sudden change your mind and get all worked up when you could have nipped it in the bud from the beginning. Tamara as usual wants to be the queen bee, I mean the queen bitch since we're talking about Tamara. Tamara was a walking time bomb since she didn't want Alexis there so ANY LITTLE thing was going to set Tamara off. They are all VERY childish women and its sickening. Gretchen is a stupid as follower....SO DINGY!! I think Alexis was hoping the women had thought how bad they treated her and want to made a fresh start and she was willing to show up and start over. These BOTOXIC BITCHES are still tripping on that old shit. LET IT GO ALREADY!! Vicki and the new chick should have left with Alexis at the beginning. Man...these bitches are scandalous!! I can't stand any of them and I would stay clear. They are the worst group of bitches in RH history by far!!!

nonmember avatar Susan Gentry

First of all Vicki should have never invited Alexis knowing the friction and Alexus should have turned Vicki down also knowing the existing controversy that existed. Ct. Alexis is so ....oh well! She is what she is!!

Sherri Fowler White

Tamra is totally to blame for all the drama this time....actually, she's usually right in the middle of it with her trashy loud mouth.....

Connie Erika

Tamra needs to lay off and mind her own business unless she is bored with her life and wants Alexis life

Lisa Pike

Alexis is a head case Tamra had a right to kick her out on her bum. Vicki new it would happen and is a rat for letting it happen all together. Alexis sucks and needs to go away !!!

Karen Dowling-Barth

I wish all the girls would get together and turn on Tamera!!  Now that would be tv worth watching!  She has bullied them all...she is the original mean girl!!  Such a good example to set for her children I am sure!

Wendy Burrell

if you know you are not welcome at a place why show up all alexis wanted to do was cause drama

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