Robert Pattinson Gave Kristen Stewart a Lie Detector Test After She Cheated -- Do You Believe That?

robert pattinsonRemember when Kristen Stewart was spotted getting in a car with a man who looked just like Rupert Sanders? Except it wasn't Rupert because why would she do that, and they all lived happily ever after. Well, there's a shocking rumor about how Robert Pattinson responded to that little incident. He marched right back to LA from New York with his mad face, and he sat that little lady down, and he gave KStew a lie detector test!

As a joke, people, as a joke. Apparently it was just a silly prank Robert played on Kristen. Haha! No harm done. And that's all we know! We don't know how she reacted, or how serious he was about it.

I wonder, did Kristen laugh, or did she say, "Oh it's all shit and giggles if you're not the one being called 'Trampire,' you jerk! When are you getting over this?!?" I mean, you could start one doozy of a fight with that prank. If this story is true, that is. (What a weird story for someone to make up, though.)

But if Rob really did pull this prank, at least it shows he's got a great sense of humor. It sounds like one of those jokes you make when you're a-a-a-lmost over something, but not quite. Rob just needs one harmless little jab and THEN he'll never bring it up again. PROMISE! It is kind of a funny idea.

Joking can be a healthy sign of healing. Or it can be a passive-aggressive mask of simmering resentment. Like, "Haha, remember that time you humiliated and betrayed me in front of the whole world? THAT WAS SO FUNNY! Let's take a lie detector test because I'm SO over that." I'm hoping it's the former, healthy healing. Healing laughter, guys! Healing laughter.

Do you think Rob really would pull a lie detector prank on Kristen?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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daydr... daydreamer6170

its not likrly true when you cant even add a source of some sort to this story.

TheRe... TheRealSomebody

Another absurd article from the Stir..not true and hopefully ppl r smart enough not to believe this crap.

winda176 winda176

You always make bad article about her!!!!Why don't you make article about kristen stewart best dressed woman 2013 by Glamour Magazine.have you heard that??....

Debra Anduaga

thats sick! i can`t stand her but this is just to far out there even for them! I think you got nothing to do but make shit up!!

Rebe Getz

A. Yeah, Rob just does stuff like this...he's very out there. I don't get why women think he's this perfect, angelic dude. He's NOT Edward, he's ROB, and ROB is nothing like what you're expecting/thinking he is.
B. To the idiots getting all mad at the DO realize that The Stir's writers mostly write on things and/or bring attention to articles and stories they've seen. In other words, THEY didn't come up with this story. They're just passing it along to see what their readers think of it. By blaming Adriana for making this up, you're just as dumb as people who believe celebrity rumors.

nonmember avatar lisa hine

Hopefully he did!

Jeannie Seely

If you can't prove it, don't print it !!!! This is what rumors are made of, get over yourselves.

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