'50 Shades' Movie Eyes Minka Kelly to Play Ana but They’ve Got the Wrong Girl

minka kelly and fnl castMove over Nina Dobrev, there's another sexy brunette rumored to star in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Minka Kelly, probably best known for her role as Lyla Garrity on the most amazing television show to-date, Friday Night Lights, has supposedly caught the casting director's eye. With her gorgeous brown eyes, pouty lips, and enviable body, Minka would make a stunning Anastasia Steele ... thing is, though, she's, um, not that great an actress.

And obviously I'm qualified to judge, seeing as I once starred in my second grade production of Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod, and own the DVD boxset of FNL.

I have nothing against Minka, but to me, she's a little weak in the convincing-an-audience-she's-another-person department. Her inexperience (or perhaps lack of innate talent) was made all the more apparent when in scenes with her FNL cast-mates, who killed it.

I do think the Fifty Shades people are on to something, though. Friday Night Lights had piles of talented actors, one of whom was Adrianne Palicki. As Tyra Collette, Adrianne was sexy, smart, lost, and determined all at once. She seemed easy in her role and it's no wonder producers found a way to keep her on the series long after her character graduated from Dillon High. 

Minka (as Lyla), on the other hand, caught a bus to Vanderbilt and was basically never heard from again.

Adrianne would make a great Ana Steele. She's got the hotness and the aptitude to bring the naive Ana depth, complexity, and sexuality. 

Now all we need is Taylor Kitsch to star as Christian Grey.

I know a lot of you wanna see Minka in the movie, but what are your thoughts about Adrianne

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fifty shades of grey


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nonmember avatar LCD

Noooo , she is too old to be Anastasia, Emilia Clarke or Alexis Bledel colud be Anastasia, but minka is horrible

Laure... Lauren0983

You're so twisting words! No one said she has caught their eyes. Anyone ever suggested are just suggestions at this point! That's all it is and that's l it says. Seriously. She wouldn't be eyed anyway, she's too old, and doesn't fit the part. She's too sultry.

Patricia Rose Malloy

I don't mean to sound harsh...but for those that think Minka Kelly is perfect...I have to ask...did you read the books?  She looks nothing like Ana to me!!  Where is innocent look,? The gorgeous brown hair [I know there are wigs...but really !!]. She is so wrong...sorry  my picks are: Alexis Bledel (1st pick) or Allison Williams ...I hope we will consider those who had the real feel of Ana. THANKS!!

Samantha Strong

Nadia Bjordin would be PERFECT as Anastasia Steele!!!!

nonmember avatar phillip

Please research before you write. If you truly loved (and even casually watched) FNL you would know both Kelly and Palicki left FNL at the exact same time. the end of season 3 when most of the original cast left. Both were brought back for character wraps in later seasons.

Brea Davis

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexis Bledel

Brandi Love

If Ian plays Christian Grey, Nina should be Anastasia. It's only right because they are pretty much the real version of Christian and Ana.

nonmember avatar jennifer

I think you guys need to check out the girl who was Melanie on Days of Our Life. she is small and young. And When I tnink of Ana I think of her.

Kay Kozora

i wanna be ana

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