'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Tangled With the Wrong Star on Twitter This Time

Jenelle EvansHere we go again! Jenelle Evans has come out shooting with both barrels on Twitter, and she's got another celebrity in her crosshairs. The Teen Mom 2 star has let the world know what she thinks of Amanda Bynes' antics of late, and let's just say she is not impressed.

After public wars with the likes of Snooki and Buckwild's Shae Bradley on Twitter, you'd think Jenelle would have learned by now to keep her trap shut. At least she's strayed away from biting the hand that feeds her criticizing fellow MTV stars, but Jenelle might have wanted to keep this little jab at Bynes to herself:

@OKMagazine @AmandaBynes dude, she has gone insane. What happened to the sweet lil girl we use to watch? :(

Erm, pot, meet kettle. Kettle, meet pot! You're both looking awfully black!

We've all been sad to read the reports on the child star lately. They make her sound like she's really gone off the rails.

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But it's not as if Jenelle's life has been all roses and clover either. She's 21, and she's already been arrested more than half a dozen times, the latest for allegedly possessing heroin and domestic violence. She doesn't even have custody of her child -- and from the recent reports, she's behind on child support.

Gone insane indeed!

Jenelle has been disappointment personified for Teen Mom 2 fans who've seen her co-stars grow exponentially as people over the past four seasons while she's devolved. The rumors about the show being cancelled -- not surprisingly -- all center around Jenelle herself, and her refusal to straighten out and fly right.

Sadly, her criticism of Bynes only makes Jenelle sound that much more delusional about her own life and her own mistakes. Until she straightens out, she might want to hold back from passing judgment on other struggling stars.

What do you think of Jenelle's criticism of Amanda Bynes? Was it warranted?


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mindy... mindy2301

This girl takes to many drugs then gets on twitter and talks shit. She needs to take a break from the internet if she can't control herself. She made Teen Mom look bad. Amanda has every right to take pics of herself that's Amanda's life she is not under 18 she is not a child and nether is Janelle time to grow up.

Kimberly Shults Smith

Jenelle needs to be put away for about a year I think.She has BIG mental issues besides the drugs!!!


Crystal Lee

she didn't really say anything wrong... who cares?

Briana SimsSocial Dotson

....right, im with Crystal. we all know Jenelle is not perfect but i mean its true Amanda has kinda lost it. Just because Jenelle is kinda messed up doesnt mean we can take away her freedom of speech, or opinion for that matter

nonmember avatar @babymag1223

Jenelle wud do so much better to sit n jail for at least a good six months. Let the bitch withdrawal n jail n when she comes bak out she wnt touch it again cause jailhouse withdrawals r ten times worse cause u kno there aint nothin ur gonna b able to do to get ur fix

nonmember avatar Cheyenne

mtv needs to stop teen mom befor other teens think it fun oh i can get prego get on a show and get paid then they n do this crap

nonmember avatar kaerae

Jenelle needs to take a page from Amber Portwood's book and cool out in jail for a nice, long stretch. It's the best thing she could do for Jace at this point. The revolving door of rehab isn't going to work for her. At least Amber realized that.

nonmember avatar Nicole

This stupid bitch dont need to b talkin about anyone, but her no good ass and look in the fuckin mirror u junkie ass mother fuckin bitch. Grow the hell up and focus on urself. Ur the one off the charts u horrible no good " mother" wait thats right ur not a mom u worthless pos.

Angela S Phillips Bushong


Krystal N Phillip Mcclure

i think Jenelle needs to learn to be a mother and stop doing so much of running that mouth... that girl never has her son all she cares about is keifer and drugs... she needs to be locked up in a box and leave her there shes a waist of life just like all these piece of shit mothers out there

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