Amanda Bynes Shares Topless Photo That Finally Gets the Police Involved (PHOTO)

Amanda bynesLast night I logged onto Twitter for some good old fashioned celebrity cyber-stalking -- and woah. Hello there, Amanda Bynes' nipple, fancy seeing you here. That's right, Amanda tweeted multiple topless photos of herself last night and I'm officially concerned. This isn't funny anymore. At first it was entertaining waiting to see what crazy thing she'd tweet next, but now? This is just plain scary.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Amanda's former publicist notified the police of her crazy behavior, claiming she was "soooo messed up on drugs."

Yeah. Shit just got real.

Supposedly, the cops did get involved. Actress Jenny McCarthy later tweeted:

Police are at @AmandaBynes house. I hope they get her help. Enough of this circus. She needs help.

This has become a bit of a circus. Amanda's been sharing disturbing photos and videos via Twitter for a while now. It seems like the more she shares, the more attention she gets. Negative attention, but still. It's like this endless cycle that won't end until someone puts a stop to it. And hopefully someone was able to help her last night. She's clearly lost. She clearly is in desperate need of help.

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If these photos prove one thing, it's that she's very alone. She seems to always be "getting ready" to go out, but does she ever actually go anywhere? It seems like she's always by herself -- in a bathroom, in a gym, in a bathroom again. Where are her friends? Where are her family? Even her former publicist who called the police admitted that he didn't have her address. It's scary to think she may have just isolated herself so much that nobody knows how to get in contact with her. How do you help someone who's completely unreachable?

It's still unknown what happened once the police arrived, but my heart absolutely breaks for this girl. We can only hope she gets the help she needs before something unfortunate happens.

Amanda Bynes topless

Are you shocked by the latest Amanda Bynes photos?

Image via Twitter/AmandaBynes

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abra819 abra819


MindyNcarlos Brown

She is on drugs! Look at her you can tell! So sad! Why do these people want to act out like this?? She used to be a good girl that could be a role model but not now!!

Ashley Andrews

wait. Amanda Bynes can pose for Hustler but can't pose a STILL COVERED up topless pic for her personal benifits? She can sell it but she can't take personal pleasure? I believe her when she says she's just done being who everyone wants her to be and finally going to be the free person she wants to be. If it comes back that she really is on drugs then I'll be shocked. However, look at how much pressure is on the poor girl.

kelly... kelly24019

Well if people would leave her alone... Seriously, don't you have more important things in life than to obsess about someone you don't know? Is your life so sad you must live vicariously through celebrities?

mindy... mindy2301

People are still people. Yes she has flaws but why judge her for them. Everyone takes a naked picture at one point in life. Good job amanda


Crystal Warth

she works on nickelodeon for the kids i wouldnt want my kids watching the amanda show after what i just witnessed kids look up to her i mean come on now after the parents get to know what shes doing thay will prolly not want there kids to watch her i have a step son and a 8 month old and one on the way i dont want my kids looking at a nickelodeon pop star / nood giri

momav... momavanessa

Yeah leave the drug addict alone until she overdoses....

eye rolling

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

When Jenny McCarthy thinks your nuts then chances are you really need help.

hutch... hutchfam2007

What's on the bathroom sink... looks like joint or something..

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