Linda Cardellini Makes Don Draper's Mistress Easier to Love

linda cardellini as sylvia rosenDon Draper, I mean, Jon Hamm was on The Daily Show this week looking yummy as usual, and he dished with Jon Stewart about Mad Men season 6. Granted, Matt Weiner has probably made him sign copious volumes of contracts swearing that he will never in a million years utter a word about plot lines we can expect, which means he didn't really get into too much in the way of a teaser or a spoiler. (BOOOO!) But! He did discuss Don's mistress, Sylvia Rosen. Or rather, the actress who portrays her, Linda Cardellini, formerly of Freaks and Geeks.  

He spilled that the actress had actually just had her baby when she first started the gig -- and proceeded to look like a total Wonder Woman. Which lead Jon Hamm to be "amazed" with her. Ooooh!

Now, don't get the wrong idea. I'm not thinking that there's going to be a real life love triangle with Hamm, longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt and Cardellini anytime soon! It's more that he has a lot of respect for his co-star.

Hamm told Stewart:

When she started shooting, she'd just had her baby. So not only was she managing being on the show, not telling anybody that she's on the show – including family and friends – but also dealing with an infant. ... I was amazed she could turn up for work in the morning, much less be as good as she is.

YES! Bravo! Talk about a multi-tasking, talented mama! To be honest, I never watched Freaks and Geeks (I know, I know!), so I never got the chance to fall for Linda the way a lot of other TV viewers already have. But what Jon had to say about her makes me think she's even cooler than I already thought she was for puttin' on the Liz Taylor wig and playing a two-timing, mid-century Manhattanite who's having sex with her husband's friend/friend's husband.

Maybe it's slightly nonsensical, but knowing just how much Cardellini had on her plate while she was playing Sylvia makes me dig the character a bit more. Can't wait to see what happens when she and Arnold get back from D.C. ...

How do you feel about Linda Cardellini/Sylvia Rosen? Does this make you love Linda even more?



Image via AMC

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youth... youthfulsoul

I think their characters are an odd match.

nonmember avatar Joni

So is Don capable of being in love with more than one woman at a time? Even though he seems unhappy in his marriage to Megan, I know he still loves her but he seems so in love with Silva. It's kind of like he's repeating hi affair with Rachel. It confused me how he could be so loving to Betty in one scene and then ask Rachel to run away with him. I wish MW would explain why Don cheats. I'm positive that it had nothing to do with his marriages and how he feels about the women he marries.

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