Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Kissed Their Sex Life Goodbye When They Moved In With Mom

kristen stewart robert pattinsonKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson seem to be as happy as clams right now, with the exception of one irksome thing plaguing their relationship: KStew's mom! Or so says Ok! magazine, which reports the two have been living together -- with Jules while she's in the middle of a divorce from Kristen's dad, John Stewart. Wow. And apparently, Jules is always around and they have no privacy. HA. What. A. Bummer.

And surprise, surprise -- clearly, this has taken a toll on their sex life. A source claims, "It has all but killed their love life. Neither Kristen nor Rob has any libido when Jules is around.” And as if that wasn't bad enough ...

The source claims:

Kristen and her mom gang up on him and are forever telling him what to do. They tease him if he doesn’t clean up properly after himself and, worse still, Jules keeps asking him all kinds of questions about his and Kristen’s relationship. It’s very awkward!

OMG. Usually I am rolling my eyes at most stories that churn out of the Robsten gossip mill, but for some reason, maybe because it sounds so realistic, I believe this!

Sure, it may be helpful to save money or use as a crash pad while you figure out what your next move is, but living with the parents can be murder on a relationship. Especially on your sex life! It's not rocket science. Who feels like getting it on when your mother/(future) mother-in-law is down the hall? Or up in your business asking questions about intimate matters? Ugh. I'm telling you -- it's poisonous! (Not like I know from firsthand experience or anything like that ...)

That said, fingers crossed these two figure out where they want to live together sans Mommy Dearest ASAP. It's not like they don't have the resources to basically buy back their sex life.

Have you and your spouse ever lived with a parent? Did it kill your sex life?


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nonmember avatar Arkansas

Sex isn't the only thing that keeps them together.

Aminah Matthews

If this is true (and that's a BIG IF) then Rob is more whipped then I thought. IF that is true, Robert, get out there and find someone else. There are to many women in the world for him to put up with something as crazy as this. Do like Leo DiCaprio does. He's living the life. Not affraid to date any and every woman he wants. Rob need to do the same and not be affraid until he meets the right one. But right now he a whimp. A p*$$y. Man up Rpattz. I still doubt this is true. Kstew got a house in the hills somewhere in Los feliz.

TheRe... TheRealSomebody

Another article of nonsense.  Kristen's Mom has a place in Malibu so do you honestly think this article is true.  Second if and when Jules stays with her none of this is true.  Jules has a busy life and does not sit around the house all day.  As for the teasing, Rob can take it and give it back.  So another article of nonsense and lies.  How about writing articles that you actually get the facts on.

Claire North

if this is true the poor guy needs to move out..regain his independance from this irksome situation and go hang with the guys for a while...

Barbara Coleman

It's not the only thing that keep them together, but it's one of the main thiings " far show "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori Reynolds

seriously?  Two of the youngest richest kids in the world and they cant find privacy?  They own other homes.  They dont have to be at her moms house all the time.  And there are hotels.  Try again.


Jeannie Seely

I am sure that the house is big enough for privacy. Have you seen the pictures of the house. They probably have enough room to move in another family. And they would never see them. Give it up.

TheRe... TheRealSomebody

As for what Aminah commented.  Not everyone is afraid of committment like Leo. There is something to be said about a man who can not committ.  Like you said about Robert is absolutely true about LEO "But right now he a whimp. A p*$$y. Man up"  May I add LEO not Rob to man up. Not everyone wants to bed models and starlets.  If Rob wanted all that believe me he could get that.  Some men are brought up to respect women, which I am sure that Rob was with he and his father being outnumbered by women in their house.  Another fact is that Jules doe not stay at Kristen's all the time.  Do you think maybe Kristen stays at Rob's house too.  Stupid article..

Teresa Elliott

We moved my mother in to our home in 2003, she was very ill, she stayed with us for approximately 6 months before she wanted her own place, in that time period she was all up in our business about every aspect of our lives, our sex life died completely and to this day it is still dead. I love my spouse very much so I continue in our sexless relationship, and understand that his companionship is of the utmost importance to me. So take what you will from this but honestly get mom a place of her own, you can afford it, she needs to be on her own or she will become completely dependant. On a sad note my Mother passed away in 2004 on Thanksgiving Day of Lung Cancer.

Sydnee Becker-Witwer

OK Magazine is bullshit! They have had cover stories of Rob and Kristen getting engaged and married at least six times since the Twilight proposal in Eclipse. I do not buy for a second that Rob would ever move in with his GF's mother. WTF when he's got more than enough money to have his own place!?

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