Kate Middleton Was Raised to Be a Princess & It Drove Other Families Crazy

kate middletonAccording to a story in England's ever-so-posh Tatler magazine, Carole Middleton was one of those "perfect" mothers. You know the kind? Children always immaculately dressed, everything labeled just so. In fact, from the sound of it, Carole pretty much raised Kate Middleton to be a princess. Oh -- and I guess the rest of the Middleton sibs were just as gloriously well brought-up.

This is according to the mother of another girl who was in the same house as Kate while the Middleton girls were at Marlborough College, a posh boarding school. But the Middletons would not be the "middle" family at this school. Oh no. Carole had grander things in mind for her brood. Here's how the exceedingly envious (and anonymous) mother describes them.

There was always something slightly galling about having your child at school with the Middletons. Every pristine item of their clothing would have a beautifully sewn-in name tape, for instance. There were huge picnics at sports day; the smartest tennis rackets, that kind of thing. It made other families feel rather hopeless.

Pristine clothing! Sewn-in name tags! Fancy tennis rackets! Can you BELIEVE??? Why it's simply galling. How dare they try and keep their shit together while the rest of us are busy drinking Pimm's at horse matches? Doesn't she get the concept of boarding school -- it's so you can be LESS involved with your children's lives!

Well, all I can say is, no wonder one of those Middletons turned out to marry a prince. In all seriousness, I think Carole's efforts made Kate a fitting catch for Prince William. And why not? You're sending your kids to a super posh school filled with royals, you might as well try and keep up appearances.

I mean, isn't keeping up appearances a national pastime in England? Oh wait -- no, keeping up appearances while appearing not to be keeping up appearances is the national pastime in England.

Anyway, well done there, Carole. Your fastidious appearance-keeping-up-ness landed you a chair at the Palace table. Think William was just going to marry the sexiest babe he could find, anywhere? That it was just an accident that he stumbled upon Kate? Think the royal family leaves these things up to flaky concepts like chemistry and good times?!? Hell no. He was going to marry the kind of presentable young lady the whole royal family (and country) would find suitable. And that must have been on Carole's mind when she sent her daughters to Marlborough.

Do you think Kate's pristine life as a teen prepped her as a more attractive match for Prince William?


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Entre... EntrepeneurMom

You actually hit the nail on the head there with us brits haha! Everything is a reverse pissing contest, especially among mums.

nonmember avatar 12know

The Duchess of Cambridge has shown her compassion and willingness to support less fortunate people. Her family may have had money but I don't think that has influenced the Duchess' persona in dealing with people. Adriana needs to stop being no snarky.

Carol Gladfelder

Adriana sounds catty & jealous. Kate is not only beautiful. She's a very classy and compassionate young woman who is so obviously in love with William; as he is obviously very much in love with her. All of England seems to adore them and they're such a pleasant addition to the Monarchy. I'm sure they will make awesome parents.

nonmember avatar True

You are right! I haven't seen anything amazing she did. There will only be one Diana ;) Kate is vapid.

nonmember avatar Dee

Brits get Kate, we Americans get Kim...Kardashian, that is. You Brits should thank your lucky stars you don't have to look at a million magazine covers of a vulgar pig every time you check out at the grocery store.

nonmember avatar Irene

I think her mother should be congratulated for doing a fine job. It's better for her to be a princess than an out of work single mother who walks the streets of London wearing tattoos and face piercings and moans about her lot in life doing her level best to bring her children up to carry on in the same way !!Wake up England!! We should be grateful there are still some people around who know how to do things right!!

nonmember avatar Lily

Haters hate. That's what they do.

nonmember avatar Dale

Totally agree with the Kim vs. Kate comparison. Damn, how unlucky it is today to be an American (at least in culture!) I love this country, love how we love England after all the fighting in the early days of this country. But what a snarky, jealous article this is. Kate Middelton is classy, dresses classy (oh, if only more American girls and women copied her style, from classy outfits to nice hair to YES the PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS!) Oh how we miss the days when people dressed nice to attend weddings, funerals, church, graduations, etc. Look at entertainment - they've got Sherlock, well written TV show with Benedict Cumberbatch....we have Elementary - CSI rip off. They have Dr. Who, we have every reality show you can imagine, all of which suck. Most of the actors in Game of Thrones, best show ever on TV, aren't from America. Their news is more in depth than our news. It's sad when both liberal and conservatives commentators mention how better the BBC is than our news networks. You've got David Attenborough, greatest nature documentarian ever, we've got....well, we really don't have anyone right now...

If you must make fun of people, by all means, look at our "elite," there's plenty to mock and make fun of!!!

jazz54 jazz54

Yes, of course. Even though everything in this article is true, appearance and "chemistry" do have something to do with it.  Kate's style is impeccable.  She is beautiful, bright, funny, caring, and I think Will agrees that she is very atractive and will make a special wife and mum to his children.  I'm sure it's also crossed his mind that Diana would have loved her and very much approved. Boy or girl, I hope they work Diana or a form of it into the traditionally long names chosen by the Royals.  Kate is conservative and wants to keep the Queen happy, but she's also her own girl, so who knows exactly what she may decide. Will is very much like his mother and loved her so much, I think she will be honored in the birth of this special baby.  Best of luck to all of them.expecting baby

nonmember avatar Ginny B

Jealous much? People are so stupid.

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