Jennifer Aniston Delays Wedding Because of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

jennifer aniston, justin therouxOh, the dreaded ex! We all try to avoid them, but sometimes that's just not possible, especially for Jennifer Aniston. She will always be the girl who Brad Pitt dumped for Angelina Jolie. She can't seem to escape the shadow of her first marriage no matter how hard she tries. Sadly, Brad is reportedly even the reason Jen is delaying her wedding to Justin Theroux.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Jen doesn't want her wedding day to fall anywhere near the date for Brangelina's upcoming nuptials, which are expected to take place this summer. That means she and Justin have to scramble to make alternative plans. Originally, an insider claims, she was going to move her date up to get it done way before her ex's, but her fiance was a bit freaked out by all the rushing.

Now her plans are completely on hold, which seems like an incredibly bad idea. It doesn't matter when she walks down the aisle, the events will inevitably be compared. She could get married on Mars and people would find similarities and suggest that she was trying to mimic or outdo Brad and Angelina. It's a tough situation for Jen, to be sure. I can’t even watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith without thinking about the fact that it probably ruined her marriage. Years after shooting it, Brad even confessed he fell in love with Angelina while filming. 

All that is to say, Jen shouldn't delay her wedding because of them. She should just focus on her new man and what is hopefully a long life together. Trying to distance herself from that old love triangle is pointless. It will follow them all for the rest of their lives, no matter who they marry and divorce next. It's just too juicy to let die.

Do you think Jen should delay her wedding so it doesn't overlap with her ex's?

jennifer aniston, angelina jolie


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LostS... LostSoul88

I dont believe that is the reason. Just another rumor. 

nonmember avatar Dawn

I agree with LostSoul88. Excuses. No one really cares anymore about that whole Jen/Brad/Angie thing.

nonmember avatar Bea

I doubt that Brad or Angelina have anything to do with this. Could be they are just not ready to get married yet and they jumped the gun by giving interviews that they would be married by the end of March.

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