‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Isn’t Only Cast Member With an Adult Film History

amber portwoodWhen jailed Teen Mom Amber Portwood starts to look like the pinnacle of parenting, you know Teen Mom Farrah Abraham must be in the conversation. While Amber's been arrested and subsequently thrown behind bars for domestic violence, breaking parole, and drug abuse, she at least had the wherewithal to turn down unsavory offers. According to Amber's brother's Twitter account, his sister was offered serious money to star in an adult film, but turned down the deal because of her young daughter.

WetPaint reports that TheAshleys found Shawn Portwood's tweet and Facebook posting (before they were taken down), which reads:

So funny Farrah sold herself for close to $1 million. I know a girl who was offered close to the same substantial amount of money but said she would never do it because of her daughter. Even when that girl was battling an addiction and could have used the money. Being an entrepreneur does not mean selling porn of yourself. Just saying.

Shawn's right on the money here. Amber's made some pretty terrible decisions, but she made a great one for herself, and for her daughter, by leaving money on the table and just saying no to porn. I'm sure like most Teen Moms, the notoriety and the cash were appealing, but unlike Farrah, Amber chose to see the bigger picture.

Farrah's too blinded by the promise of fame or infamy (I doubt she cares which ... and I doubt she knows what "infamy" means) to be able to see the forest through the trees.

Because when her video comes out on May 6, her life, and her family's lives, will be changed forever. She probably hopes it'll "work out" for her like it did the Kardashians, but the reality is, we're not ogling Farrah. We're grossed out by her.

What do you think of Amber's brother's comments?


Photo via MTV

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deszi... deszirr24

Lets not make amber out to be the good guy here though, when she sold naked pictures... and has ALOT more going on. Yeah she finally made one good decision... good for her.

nonmember avatar jessica

way to go amber

Rhonda Nix

i personally dnt like amber shes a horrible mother

Jennifer Wright

Wow, You Finally made a good decision. Props girl

Ashley Nickole Plata

Honestly who cares. Farrah wants fame, Amber wants fame, all the Teen Moms want fame (Hints: They are on a reality TV show.) Each one of them have their different ways of having more fame and ,like any celebrity would say , "Any publicity is good publicity." Therefore, you bashing Farrah or Amber or whoever, you are giving them exactly what they want; More fame equaling more money.

Sandra Matsunaga

Let's be honest though. There was no one offering Amber close to a mil for her porn. Not that Farrah is some gorgeous babe, but let's be real lol.

Sabrena Marie Baker

Amber loves her daughter I can see that but she needs to learn how to control her temper, treat ppl and talk to ppl especially in front of her daughter not to mention stay clean Amber at least has potential to do the right things shess just gotta do it! Farrah however, is just a snub nose snobby B**tch who cares about NOTHGING but fame & fortune she will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal!& she dont care who she hurts in the meantime or what she puts her child through to do so. I believe that porno coming out to the public was all set up between her and that guy he probably got some of her money for selling it and in meantime they both get fame & fortune

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