Rob Kardashian Sued in Alleged 'Violent' Attack of Photographer but Wait 'Til You Hear His Side of the Story


kardashiansRob Kardashian can't catch a break. He has long battled with the fact that he is the Kardashian no one really wants to keep up with. While we are mesmerized by the whiny ramblings and ridiculous love lives of his sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, he has always failed to really captivate. Things have gotten even worse for Rob. You may recall that he recently got into hot water for allegedly stealing photographer Andra Valik's camera memory card after she snapped him shirtless. Now he faces a big lawsuit.

Valik's lawyer told TMZ that Rob's supposed "violent behavior" and "use of force" were totally unjustified and they are pursuing legal action claiming it was a robbery and assault. I'll be honest. At first I didn't feel sorry for the guy. I thought that he needs to relax and let the paps do their job. If anyone should be understanding of the intrusion of privacy, it’s a Kardashian. Isn’t that how they make their living anyway? But upon hearing his side of the story, I changed my view.

According to sources, the photographer was crouched inside her car in a private parking garage. She was waiting as Rob worked out with famed celeb fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson. He claims she was trespassing when she popped out and started snapping photos as he was changing his shirt. Apparently this really angered Rob, who has taken a lot of flack for his 30-pound weight gain. I don't blame him for wanting to get his hands on those photos.

Plus, this photog's behavior was super creepy. Hiding in wait in a dark garage is a bit too stalkerish, even for a paparazzo. She’s lucky he just snatched out her memory card. But fact of the matter is, he should have kept his hands off her property. He is ultimately in the wrong, though I am sure this isn’t anything that can’t be solved by a nice, cushy settlement. He should just pay up so he can focus on his weight loss, which we all know is why he is so freaked out about the photos in the first place.

Do you think Rob deserves to be sued for what he did?


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LostS... LostSoul88

I think the law suit is just another way to get money from a rich person. Yes he should have NOT done what he did but the law suit is taking it to far.

Lucy Love Hope

well I think he should her also there more grounds than one for him to get her she should not been there like that and come on people we know these people get out of hand to get the star pics and the stars dont press charges it comes with the job gezzz another person trying to get rich fast grrrr time for stars to start turning the tables i say 


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