Bethenny Frankel Thought Her Divorce From Jason Hoppy Would Be Unicorns & Faerie Dust


bethenny frankelFor the life of her, Bethenny Frankel can't figure out why her and Jason Hoppy's divorce is resembling anything other than hug therapy. When she released the statement about she and Hoppy trying to "amicably coparent" their toddler daughter, Bryn, after the split, she truly believed it would be the case. But now that they're in the throes of divorce, everyone's lost their manners and Frankel feels like a fool for ever having said that in the first place. "I really did think it would be amicable. I absolutely did," Bethenny said. "I wrote that entire statement myself. And every single word, I believed to be true."

Welcome to the Real World, Bethenny -- where people stop being polite.

It's a shame the way things are going down with Bethenny and Jason, really it is. The person who's going to wind up suffering the most is most likely their adorable daughter. But I have to say: I'm a little shocked that Bethenny's shocked that things aren't moving along peachy keen. She's a smart woman, and I mean, she and Jason couldn't get along while they were married. What would make her think things would go down otherwise? And aren't they both vying for sole custody? How could that possibly end of amicably? I guess you believe what you want to believe.

I hope it's not the case, but something tells me that Bethenny and Jason's divorce is only going to get nastier as time goes on. Thus far, we've heard some pretty scathing things about the two of them; things they both will probably be embarrassed about in the future. I can't imagine it's easy going through what they are, but if they want what's best for Bryn, they're both going to have to bend a bit. It can't only be one person's way. No one wins in that situation -- especially the kid.

What do you think of this?


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BabyL... BabyLadyG12

She made a very aggressive divorce filing, asking for spousal support and sole custody.  I can't imagine any man would've taken well to that, especially give their disparate financial positions.  She's only saying this now to try to make him look bad in the press.  If it's not amicable, it's not ONLY him--she obviously plays a role too.  However, she's too self-centered to realize that complaining about the proceedings shows she's being difficult too!

nonmember avatar Lydia

Bethenny has never asked for sole custody, that is simply a lie. She has filed for primary custody and with that kind of custody both parents have plenty of access to the child, with one having slightly more time than the other , but both of them being part of her life.

Joanne Hester

I don't know if your right about that, it is joint custody that both parent have plenty of access, Primary custody means she runs the show and Jason can only see his daughter when it is convenient for Bethenny

Etta Samples-Bredeson

This little girl Needs to have her Own Lawyer or Someone that is Not on either her Parents side to make sure that What is Best for Her and NOT for them... Divorce is NASTY and this is going to get Down and Dirty... Bethanny ask for Ridicious things... Like Spousal Support !! Give Me a Break She made Millions with Jim Beam and has and will make all the Money She Will ever need... and Why Should Jason have to pay for her Medical for life and WHY should she get part of his Life Insurance if he should pass if she wants to Divorce him so badly !!! I can see Jason paying his part for Bryn's needs and the things that Daddies should pay ... But Not for Bethany ... I don't believe that just because you married someone that you should be able to take advantage of the break up and she is .. She made these Aggressive Demands first and now that Jason is firing back she is trying to yell foul... NOT.... This little girl needs a Gardian Litem provided by the Courts (A guardian appointed by the court to represent the interests of Infants, the unborn, Children in legal actions.)

Kellye Koch

I think she is use to yes ppl all around her and wants what she wants when she wants it and thinks she deserves it that way.!!!She didn't treat Jason like a husband more like her baby daddy and a doormat .at best..You can't have sole custody and claim you want to co-parent..You have joint custody and truly put your child first..Jason is just not lying down anymore and Bethanny just cannot understand what happen to the doormat she thought he was..No he is a man and your daughters father Treat him as such and maybe just maybe you will get it back in return..or not!!

lani0410 lani0410

Remember how Bethenny spoke so unkindly of her own mother?  Well...she better watch out because Bryn is going to hate her for this down the road...Women who use many pay huge consequences.

Yvette Martinez

She acted rashly in filing for divorce. She was always too concerned with other people's perceptions. Ie Jason was the good one or nice one while she was perceived as the bad one or animal. She never gave the marriage or herself time to mature. They needed to take a step back and reevaluate what each contributed to the relationship. The ying and the yang. They balance each other if they get out of their own way. There is no right and wrong. There is only the now , live in the moment, be considerate and compromise.

Shari Lynn

Dicorce is hard and no one acts nice. I'm going through a divorce now as well and the one suffering is my beautiful 3 year old. Her father wants everything that is not his, it is putting me in a financial mess. If u care about ur kids. U do the right thing. Bottom line

Patti Scheuerman

I never cared for Bethenny from the start. She has a volatile personality to begin with. She should have been practicing safe sex when she met Jason. They didn't even 'know' each other well enough to have a baby or get married. I felt it was doomed from the beginning, and Bryn will be the one to pay. Did she really think, after what her reality show gave us, that Jason was going to walk away quietly? He despised her then and knew she just wanted the fame an camera time and he wasn't going to play that game. Now it's his turn to get what he wants.

Patti O'Keefe

She's an ass, period.......


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