Robert Pattinson Leaves Kristen Stewart Again: Will Their Relationship Survive?


Robert PattinsonWell, I guess their happy little reunion is officially over. Robert Pattinson has left Kristen Stewart again, this time to go film his new flick, Mission Blacklist.

Though where he flew off to is unknown at this point, odds are good it's pretty far away from L.A., which means the couple will likely have to endure another few weeks without each other. (Wonder if he's relieved to have escaped?)

And I know he has no control over when filming takes place and technically he left her for work, but given the rockiness of their relationship over the past few months -- I'm not sure skipping town is the best idea.

When Rob was in Australia on the set of The Rover, everyone thought it was so strange that Kristen never flew Down Under to pay him a visit -- not even once. There was quite a bit of speculation that they were using the time apart to re-evaluate things and see if they truly wanted to be together for the long haul, which apparently worked, considering their lovey-dovey reunion in L.A. after he got back.

Things between them seemed, well, normal again (by their standards) -- but now that he's left for a second time, it's probably going to be next to impossible for them to keep up a good momentum and move forward.

And if Kristen follows the same pattern and doesn't at least make an effort to go visit him this time around, it's probably safe to say we've seen the end of Robsten. There's really only so much time an on-again, off-again couple can spend apart before things fizzle out entirely -- something which really seems inevitable given the track record of these two. (OMG. It's SO over, you guys.)

Do you think Rob leaving is a bad sign?


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Shirley Sorrow

OMG Mary Fischer you are so stupid.  Your logic doesn't even make sense.  Could you please find somebody else to write about.  Leave Rob & Kristen alone.  It's not like they read this trash, but their fans do and it is very annoying.  Nobody thought it was strange that Kristen didn't go to Australia, but you.  They are together and Rob working is not going to change that. 

Sheila Newton

Distant's makes the heart grow fonder!!! Isn't that what they say? Maybe this time will be different....Maybe the two of them will grow into each other instead of falling out of each other... Wishing them the best!!!

Alishia Moore-Taylor

geeze would u just leave them alone and start causing all these crap...if pple would really stop talking about them and making up rumors that aint true mayb thy could have a real realtionship...thy are soo good together and rob really loves her...just leave them alone and let them be in love and live their lifes!!!

Kate Palsgrove

I hope he does leave her he deserves someone better who will visit him when he goes to do movies out of the country or even nearby and someone who will love him and not cheat on him over and over!!

Barbara Coleman

They will make it if they want to. All Kristen has to do is stay true to Rob while he is off working. The same thing goes for Rob while he is away.It is hard on Rob because when he away there is always some type of drama about what Kristen has done or what people think she has done. Rob gets tried of coming home tothings of that nature.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather Hallett

you waste time in your day on this?  you think about this like its your business?  please take a break from viewing 'robsten' stories for a little while and seek help.

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