'DWTS' Results Recap: Jacoby Jones Should Not Be in Jeopardy

Andy DickWe are moving along in season 16 of Dancing With the Stars and the bad dancers are being picked off one by one. Though, honestly, after this week, I feel a little guilty calling anyone a "bad" dancer. Andy Dick made it pretty clear on Monday night that he was hurt by all the people calling him a "non-dancer", and after this show, everyone IS a dancer.

Still, someone has to go home. *SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tonight's bottom three actually were a bit of a shock. There is no way that Jacoby Jones should have been in the bottom. Ingo Rademacher was also in the bottom and he is at least a little more likely to have gone home. But Jacoby? Really?


Personally, I think they had to do that just to keep it even and less than obvious about who was going home. Somehow Sean Lowe managed to create a Rumba that kept him safe, but it was really either Lowe or Dick going home tonight.

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It was genuinely sad to see Andy go. Sometimes it really does feel like the show just purposely finds people who will be "bad" and then leads them like lambs to the slaughter. Of course, Dick, who is much older than, say, Zendaya, is going to look bad compared to her.

Kellie Pickler is young and limber, Aly Raisman is an Olympic gymnast, and Jacoby Jones is a professional athlete. Now, does it seem fair to put Dick up against them?

The show had some really moving portions tonight. The beautiful young dancer from Boston who had her leg blown off in the bomb has vowed to dance again (and on the show, to boot), and she was on the show discussing her recovery.

Maybe that is why I wanted to cry when Dick went home. Or maybe it was because I do think he really wanted it and was trying as hard as he could. That is what the show is all about. It's not about the Zendayas who come in with skills. It's about the people like Dick who come in lacking skills and learn and grow throughout. Good for him for lasting as long as he did. He created an unforgettable season.

Were you sad to see Dick go?


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