6 Reasons You'll Want to See Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape (VIDEO)

farrah abrahamWhether we like it or not, Farrah Abraham's sex tape happened and cannot be avoided. In only in a matter of days, it'll be available for download (May 6) and in stores (May 14). And as icky as it sounds, you know you're curious. You know you want to know more. In fact, you may even want to see more. (Hey, it's okay, we all can't help but sneak a peek at a car wreck now and then.)

Here, six reasons you may not be able to resist checking out Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom ...

  1. You don't have to feel bad for Sophia. Farrah's daughter was not present during any portion of the filming.
  2. It's supposed to look like the real thing. As in James Deen is reportedly holding the camera for the majority of the film. (Though he will prop it up on a tripod at times, too.)
  3. If you hate porn that attempts to have a plot, you're in luck! According to Farrah's sex partner James Deen, the flick features a total of three random sex scenes strung together with a bit of editing.
  4. There was more than will meet the eye. The original plan was a 2-hour flick, which means nearly 50 minutes worth of footage was left on the cutting room floor, according to WetPaint. Maybe it could be kinda like a game to watch and guess what made it into the final cut and what ended up on the cutting room floor?
  5. Porn pros love it. The hot shot suits behind bigtime porn distributor Vivid can't seem to stop raving about how awesome it is. Vivid founder Steve Hirsch says, "We felt it was definitely worth it [to distribute it], not only because of Farrah’s popularity, but because the footage itself is amazing."
  6. You won't be able to resist it for the same reason people couldn't resist Kim Kardashian's sex tape. Farrah is clearly attempting to model her career after Kim's. And the sad thing is that it's not all that crazy a move.

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Be honest: Are you intrigued?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

We don't have to feel bad for Sophia? That everyone from her first boyfriend to the mean girls at junior high will have access to this? I feel verrrrry sorry for that kid. Her having a mom with a personality disorder is bad enough, now this...
Also, the "suits" raving about it are the ones who just bought it, it's called advertising.

Laura Jerpseth

Maybe she should try getting an education instead. 

jlynnf jlynnf

She has an education. She went to culinary school and started her own line of pasta sauces.

nonmember avatar kaerae

@jlynnf - She dropped out of cooking school and her sauce tanked.

lobus lobus

^^^ lolz

jlynnf jlynnf

That shows how much I pay attention to her lol

nonmember avatar Disgusted

Her daughter already has it so rough already. Dead father, crazy grandmother and STUPID, shallow, idiotic, mental midget mother all caught on a popular long-running television series, but now this? I thought it was bad enough when she was tweeted about waxing her three year old's unibrow and calling herself a good mom afterwards, but now, I dunno, that seems mild. Farrah needs help for her desperate need for attention and delusional belief that she is a good mother.

Jackie-franky Pagliaroli

its her life she not the only one in the world doing it shes young pretty let it be shown girl

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