'Downton Abbey' Actress Cast as Cinderella & the Dowager Countess Should Be the Fairy Godmother

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lady roseExciting news for Downton Abbey fans! Sorry, not the exciting news we really want that they're airing Season 4 in September here in the U.S. just like in the U.K. They're still refusing, despite my 1,45,389 hand-written pleas. But this is still pretty fun news. A Downton Abbey actress Lily James has been cast as the lead in Disney's new Cinderella movie.

In case the memory has already faded, on Downton James plays the trouble-seeking Lady Rose -- you know, the young lady introduced last season with a penchant for night clubs and older married lovers? She'll make a delightful Cinderella. But here's the funny thing -- she's the only Downton cast member in the live action Disney film so far. What are they thinking, not tapping into that amazing pool of actors? Here's how I would cast Cinderella, if it were up to me.

Fairy Godmother: Dame Maggie Smith/Dowager Countess, of course! She'd be a smart-mouthed, dry, ironic fairy godmother. Can't you just see her sighing and waving her wand, just like she waves her hanky on Downton?

Wicked Stepmother: Siobhan Finneran/O'Brien, with all her scowling and plotting and scheming and glaring. She's a brilliant villainess, as we already know. And gee, I hear she's available, too.

Wicked Stepsisters: Laura Charmichael/Lady Edith and Sophie McShera/Daisy Mason -- even though I love them both. Edith has definitely turned a corner on the show, but I still remember how green with jealousy she can turn. And remember how Daisy, usually so sweet, got so tart when she felt like she had a rival? Perfect step-sisters.

Clueless Dad: Hugh Bonneville/Lord Grantham has got the clueless dad act down pat already. Although, Kevin Doyle/Mosley might work there as well. I can see him getting taken in by a scheming single mom with two materialistic daughters in tow.

Prince Charming: I am NOT going to say Dan Stevens/Cousin Matthew because I am still mad at him for leaving the show. Especially when my new crush, Allen Leech/Branson would be perfect for the job. And here's a wild-card pick -- if you can forget that his character is gay as a grig and not so very nice, Rob James-Collier/Thomas is pretty cute, too.

Dog who gets changed into a footman: Remember in the animated version, where the Fairy Godmother turns the family hound into a footman? Well clearly Downton's own Roly/Pharoah would fit that role. And he could transform into Thomas Howes/William!

Who do you think should be in the new Cinderella movie?


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