Robert Pattinson Buys Kristen Stewart Groceries Because He Wants to Be Her Husband

robert pattinsonYou guys, exciting news! Robert Pattinson went grocery shopping for Kristen Stewart. True story. And also? Robert and Kristen bought candy together at a liquor store. NO! YES! Details at 11.

Oh all right, we'll just tell you now. You realize what this means, though, right? Buying food for your loved one is an important couples' ritual. It means Rob's probably going to ask Kristen to marry him any day now. He could be presenting a ring to her even as I write this. Just think -- domestic bliss. A rock-solid relationship. The couple who noshes together stays together. True cheez doodles Love 4EVA.


Okay, so last week Rob stopped by a Chevron mini-mart to pick up a few groceries before heading over to Kristen's pad in Los Feliz. Here's the breathy eyewitness account of Robert Pattinson's down-to-earthiness:

Rob was at the Chevron mini market last Friday to get a cup of coffee and some groceries. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He is really cool and friendly. He bought some milk and power bars. He always comes around noon when a fresh pot of coffee has been brewed.

You hear that, folks? Nice guys buy milk and power bars for their girlfriends. I don't know what you cook with that, but I'm sure it's amazing.

Just a couple days before that, Rob and Kristen were seen by a fan shopping at Hillhurst Liquor (also in Los Feliz) buying candy and chips before the Crystal Castles concert, as one does. The fan gushes:

They came in holding hands and they were really friendly. They definitely had a sweet tooth. They were laughing and seemed really happy. Kristen was wearing sun glasses at night. I guess she didn’t want to get recognized.

I guess she didn't. That's why she was holding hands with Robert "Edward-From-Twilight" Pattinson. Because she's trying to stay incognito, clearly. But tell us, insightful fan, what kinds of candy did they buy? Inquiring minds don't really need to know, but we're curious. Does Kristen downshift from power bars to Snickers at night? Is Rob more of a peanut butter cup kind of guy? Do they share Kit Kats? I could write a whole post about how sharing Kit Kats means you're in it to win it together as a couple, but without these crucial details, it's a little hard for me to go out on a limb like that.

Okay, but seriously, doesn't the purchasing of food together symbolize something for a couple? It's one of the quieter ways to signal your commitment to each other. I mean, some girls like their guys to buy them roses. But buying something mundane like milk? That's true love.

Do you think Kristen and Rob's food purchases mean they're committed to each other, or am I reading too much into this thing?

Image via Tittimi/Flickr

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