Ray J’s Pathetic Kim Kardashian Video Makes Kanye Seem Like a Saint

Kim Kardashian Kanye WestI'll say this for Ray J. If Kim Kardashian has been having any of those mom-to-be worries about whether she picked the right guy, the R&B singer just answered that question for her. One look at Ray J.'s new music video for "I Hit It First," and daddy-to-be Kanye West is clearly the winner. By a landslide.

And not just because -- as Ray J so indelicately puts it -- he "hit it" most recently.


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Ray J. comes out looking so crazy pants with this stunt that Kanye doesn't have to do ANYTHING to look better than him right now. He wins by default.

Ray J. is vehemently denying the song is about her, but the "I Hit It First" video makes Kim's ex-boyfriend look like a straight up stalker, from the model who looks uncannily like her writhing in his bed to the hologram of a woman with a Kim-esque booty. And oh, the lyrics. The lyrics, the lyrics.

Here's just a taste of Ray J.'s taunt for Kim and Kanye:

I hit it north with her ass going south, but now baby chose to go west

Pretty clear reference to Yeezy, right? And just in case baiting her current boyfriend isn't enough of a reason for Kim to roll her eyes and never look back at Ray J., he throws in some verbiage that casts an unsettling light on how he treats women:

No matter where she goes or who she knows

She still belongs in my bed

Hey, Ray J., telling a woman where she "belongs" is called being a control freak. And calling her an "it" is just plain dehumanizing.

The song, which wraps up with a plea for Kim to come back to him so they can make another sex tape, is about as misogynist as it can get, and not going to work for Ray J. 

That's not just me guessing. Here's the first bit of proof she's not looking back: neither Kim nor Kanye West has bothered to respond to the bait. Nor should they.

Kanye has got nothing to prove here. He's already got Kim on his arm, and as we all know by now, they're expecting a baby together. The Kim Kardashian we hear from these days sounds genuinely happy, even dropping the m-word after finalizing her divorce just a few weeks ago. That's all on Kanye ... 

If Ray J. EVER had a chance of getting Kim back, it's over now.

Do you think Ray J. ever had a chance at getting Kim back?


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