Jennifer Lawrence & Ex Nicholas Hoult Back Together? 13 Things to Know About Him

Jennifer Lawrence was seen out recently with a new man -- who's an old man. Well, he's not old. He's 23. But he's familiar, shall we say. Because he's her ex-boyfriend! JLaw and Nicholas Hoult dated for two years before splitting up before awards season. Seriously, it must suck to have your gf dump you right before she gets to hit all those schmancy awards parties! Of course, I'm not sure who dumped whom. But who would dump Jennifer? Actually, Nicholas is super cute. Who would dump him? Why did these two end up in Dumpsville at all?! Anyway, maybe they've decided to reconcile because they were photographed coming out of a restaurant together and acting all coy. Let's find out who this new/old man in Jen's life is.


1. Jen and Nicholas met on the set of their 2011 film X-Men: First Class.

2. Jen told Elle magazine that Nicholas was her "best friend" and that he makes her laugh harder than anybody. Awww.

3. Nicholas was born in Berkshire, England.

4. Nicholas played the supercute but kinda creepy kid Marcus Brewer in the Hugh Grant movie About a Boy. 'Memba him now?

5. Nicholas was a regular on the popular UK series Skins. The MTV version didn't do so well.

6. He also played Jack in the recent Jack the Giant Slayer movie.

7. Nicholas is a Harley-Davidson rider.

8. He's 6'1" tall.

9. He admits to drunk texting, telling Elle magazine: "There definitely have been a few times where I’ve woken up and looked through my text messages and thought, Wow, I had whole hot conversations that I don’t remember."

10. His favorite movies are Django Unchained and Monsters, Inc.

11. He'd like to play a spy. A spy in the house of Jen's text messages. Haha. Joke!

12. He and Jen will reunite on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Very telling title, eh?!

13. He has beautiful blue eyes and he and Jen would have gorgeous children! Someday. No rush, kids.

Do you think these two are back together?


Image via Marvel Entertainment/20th Century Fox

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