'Teen Mom' Stars Can't Hide Arrest Forever

Catelynn Lowell Tyler BaltierraCatelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have projected a fairly squeaky clean image since choosing adoption for daughter Carly on 16 & Pregnant, but a blast from the past paints another picture of the Teen Mom stars. Turns out both of them have been arrested!

And here we thought these two bright young things were all about going to college and living on the straight and narrow -- in direct contrast to their law-breaking parents. Could they be more like jailbird co-star Amber Portwood than we knew?

Probably not.

The arrest that's got the whole world up in arms today, after being reported in the new Teen Mom Confidential book, was for marijuana possession, and it happened way back in July 2009. Catelynn and Tyler both admitted their guilt, and they got a whopping fine of $253 each.

Thank goodness!

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Listen, I'm not going to say using illegal substances is advisable. I don't want MY kid using them when she's a teenager (or now for that matter). But we're talking about pot here, and not a whole heck of a lot of it when you consider the fine. The Teen Mom stars weren't running some huge grow operation here. 

They were caught with a little weed.

Yeah, them and how many kids in America?

Not to mention the arrest happened in 2009 ... and here we are in 2013 with no further proof that this duo has done anything wrong. It hardly sounds like Catelynn and Tyler are "bad" kids, just normal American teenagers ... which is what choosing adoption really allowed them to be.

If anything, the real shocker here is that they managed to hide this arrest for this long in a world that's obsessed with Teen Mom gossip. I guess this just goes to show nothing stays hidden forever.

Does this really change what you think of Catelynn and Tyler?

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LeeshaE LeeshaE

These two are a perfect example of how marijuana use does not necessarily mean you are a loser or a bad person.

Brandi Torres-Aguilar

These two are the best two from the show. All the others cannot seem to get their heads on straight. And I mean seriously, it's a little pot. It's not like they are out doing heroin or other hard drugs.

Madelyn Miller

noo! what they did in the past was the past, that's why people move forward and look towards the future!

nonmember avatar Sarah

Not at all. Those 2 have always been my favorites. They set a much better example than a lot of these teen moms. It's a little pot. I'd be more upset with them for DUI.

Heather Wight

you can say it was just a little weed, but its still breaking one of the U.S. laws, so it should not be condoned either. Do I think differently of them...yea a little, cuz they always talked bad about ty's dad for doing drugs...so where do they have a right to do that now?

Laura Van Melle

Nope. One, it's just weed, and two, they were seventeen.

nonmember avatar whocares

differently heck no. its pot. and Ty's dad was using other drugs. just an fyi

nonmember avatar Angie

No. It's just pot, and it's not a hard core drug like Ty's dad was on. Ty's dad was doingcocain and that's why they bashed him all the time. Pot is pretty much almost legal so it should shock anyone that this happened. Teenagers are going to be teenagers it doesn't matter they are both two people that anyone could look up too if they in the same situation as cate and Ty

Disso... Dissolutions

lol....i had a hunch them two smoked pot....hahahaha. LOVE these guys, and pssh it's just pot, which over time is going to be legal anyhow (may take a looooong time but it IS going to happen)

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