Brandi Glanville Claims Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes Are ‘Spitting Mad’ at Her Crazy Success

brandi glanvilleBrandi Glanville is to Eddie Cibiran and LeAnn Rimes as humans are to oxygen. AKA, she can't live without them. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently said that Eddie and LeAnn are "spitting mad" that she's so damn successful. According to Brandi, E and L would prefer it if she were dishing out fries at McDonald's instead of lunching with Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Oh, and she also said she's currently "the face of scorned women who made it", adding: "What was I going to do at 36 years old with no education and two kids?"

Besides getting a normal job, I don't know, Brandi. What do 36-year-old women with two kids do if they don't get on reality shows? Disintegrate or die, I guess. But, backing up a quick sec, is Brandi the face of scorned, successful women? I actually didn't realize a face was required for such a specific scenario. If that's the case, can I be the face of Women Who Like Yellow and Have Shih Tzus? I think I could be a really good role model for others like me.

No, in all seriousness, Brandi needs to get off the Eddie and LeAnn train. She's the one who seems obsessed with them. It's not a good look. But then again, Brandi has LeAnn to thank for her new-found fame, so maybe she should stay on the train and be promoted to conductor. She can even get a pair of overalls and one of those cute hats! I mean, Brandi is a lovely girl and all, but would she be where she is if it weren't for her feud with LeAnn and Edward? Not so sure. And she seems to like where she's at.

If Brandi really wants to show Eddie and LeAnn the business, she should just stop talking about them altogether. No more mentions in interviews. No more passive-aggressive tweets. No more comments on how "spitting mad" they are. If she's looking for longevity in this, um, career she's fallen into, she needs to learn to stand on her own two feet. With Eddie and LeAnn, she's standing on six.

What do you think of Brandi's comments?


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lovem... lovemy2sons25

Shes annoying! She needs to just let it go and get over it already!! And get over herself while shes at it!!

nonmember avatar guest

Why do people keep telling Brandi to shut up when Leann sits on twitter every day talking about her kids and making passive aggressive digs at her? Leann even released her album on Brandi's kids' birthdays. Yet we are not hearing a word slamming Leann on being inappropriate. It's funny how these sites are always patting Leann on the back. Leann has been doing more interviews about her album, yet it's Brandi who is supposed to shut up and go away? Leann is still mad at Brandi's success, didn't you see Leann tweeting "lol" this weekend to one of her fans who had trashed Brandi just hours earlier(Pixelstiks)?

nonmember avatar Eye Candy

Wow... did LeAnn write this article?

Serab... Serabelle

Since she doesn't get alimony and only gets child support when he works, which is almost never, I'd say she's right! She is helping other women see that just because your man left you destitute doesn't mean you have to go flip burgers to make money. Plus, LeAnn is an evil little gremlin that goes out of her way to provoke Brandi, and half her new album is about her affair with Eddie, so if LeAnn gets to make money off being a whore, then Brandi gets to make money off being the women scorned. Plus, she said this while still on tour for her book, which will help book sales, and since she has to take care of herself and her kids 100%, the more books she sells the better! I'm 1000% team Brandi.

nonmember avatar Tarrah

Until you've had a piece of shit husband that cheated on you when you were 100% with him zip it. Brandi is a bad bitch Leann can't make a pimple on her ass in the looks department. She had two of his kids and he does her like that?! I don't blame her for blasting them they asked for it.

Joanne Hester

 A normal job could not compete with all the money Leann has to offer Brandi's children.  Money  doesn't buy you love.  I also understand why Brandie isn't working a normal job. She wants to be the one providing for her children. Some one made the point Eddie's doesn't work or hasn't in a while. It looks like money can buy you a moocher.  Brandi is probably speaking the truth, I don't know why Leann keeps it going on twitter. Brandi probably should just ignore it.

Barbara Schuima

She has every right to talk........LeAnn and Eddie do !

Rosalie Jasolosky

Really Brandi, I happen to have 4 Shih-Tsu's and I love the color yellow, what's wrong with that Brandi !!!!!! we all can't walk around with legs up to our necks and our boobs hanging out every chance we get for attention.

Pamela Jeanne

Leeanne and Eddie deserve each other..and Brandi you go girl!,,I (almost)...not really... feel sorry for Leeanne I mean eddie is bought and paid sad for leeanne...

nonmember avatar Sarah

Wow, the author should let us know how she really feels about Brandi! Meow! Why shouldn't she talk about, it's ALL that Leann talks about. Life gave Brandi lemons, she's making a bucket-load of lemonade out of it - good on her. She has to support her kids somehow, after all, lord knows eddie doesn't!

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