‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Cast Member Gets the Boot for Being Too Well-Adjusted

marisa zanuckWe all know that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Adrienne Maloof isn't coming back next season, but now another 'wife has gotten the axe. Marisa Zanuck's confirmed she wasn't invited back for season 4 and says, "It's as simple as that, and I'm OK with it." Whoa! Is that a Housewife taking the high road? Unprecedented.

In an interview with the ladies' favorite publication, Radaronline, Marisa said:

Housewives was a once in a lifetime experience and I am grateful that Bravo gave me the opportunity to step into their crazy world. I have no regrets and nothing but love for the amazing viewers ...

Marisa! Look at her. So normal. So positive.

Guess that's why she wasn't invited back.

I'll miss Marisa, if only because she provided a nice reprieve from all the craziness. Whenever her vignettes would come on, it was a moment we could all catch our breath. We knew she wouldn't say or do anything too cringe-worthy, and her normal house with her normal closet-space made us feel at home, and at ease.

Plus, she was funny with Brandi and their banter about her hating her husband was mildly amusing.

That's two spots now that are open on RHOBH ... Adrienne's place is the only one that needs an "official" replacement, Marisa was sort of a side character, but it'll be interesting to see what Bravo does with the opportunity.

Word is that Lisa Rinna is close to inking a deal to replace Ms. Maloof, but as far as Marisa's spot ... who knows. Maybe Faye Resnick has an eviler evil twin who's available?

Will you miss Marisa?


Photo via bravotv.com

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nonmember avatar Angela

Marissa is normal? She put her husband down every time they were on screen, she talked about cheating on him constantly - good riddance! Bring on the fluff and grandeur! Isn't that why we watch anyway?

Denise Caudill

That chick is way to NORMAL for that show lmao


Linda King


Rosanne Krisanda

i will miss marisa but vomit if lisa rinna is on..

Maryellen OLeary

Please don't pick that horrid Faye she is so obnoxious and such a know-it-all. She is evil and mean.

Marietta Kenney

Bravo will hire full time the biggest hooker in the country. Resnick. She has NO reason to be there and I am SHOCKED that the self proclaimed prim and proper Kyle who rode her sisters coat tails her whole life made that Ho her kids Godmother.. Thats as bad as making Nicki Minaj one.. both trash.. And I agree with Brandi, Marisa although boring, does talk down about her husband and she is just looking for a new sugar daddy.. and Bravo loves to put on trash so we all know who is signing on. I am SHOCKED lisa Rinna is doing it.. I hope she backs out cause Except for Lisa, and Brandi and now Yolanda. the rest are fake and just want their 15 minutes of fame at ANY COST

Bernice Westover

I think that Kim should leave the show, because I think with her so new with her sobriety, I think it would put undue stress on her.  Once she's strong in her sobriety, then maybe come back.  I love Lisa and her sense of humor, love the British humor, some who are not familiar with it could take it wrong.  I like Brandi, yes she has a mouth on her, but she isn't afraid to speak up and you know where she stands.  Yolanda was a great addition to the show, she doesn't get pulled in to the fray, and is the voice of reason.  Kyle is passive/aggressive and a pot stirrer.  Taylor is a hot mess, she may need to join AA as well.  I don't want to see Faye Resnick on the show, she just sucks the life and soul out of everyone she comes in contact with.  Smudge the places she was at and clear out the negative energy and evil of her presence.  Not going to miss Adrienne, I've always felt there was something shady about her, but haven't been able put my finger on it.  It's going to be interesting to see which way the show is going to go.

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