‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Cast Member Gets the Boot for Being Too Well-Adjusted

marisa zanuckWe all know that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Adrienne Maloof isn't coming back next season, but now another 'wife has gotten the axe. Marisa Zanuck's confirmed she wasn't invited back for season 4 and says, "It's as simple as that, and I'm OK with it." Whoa! Is that a Housewife taking the high road? Unprecedented.


In an interview with the ladies' favorite publication, Radaronline, Marisa said:

Housewives was a once in a lifetime experience and I am grateful that Bravo gave me the opportunity to step into their crazy world. I have no regrets and nothing but love for the amazing viewers ...

Marisa! Look at her. So normal. So positive.

Guess that's why she wasn't invited back.

I'll miss Marisa, if only because she provided a nice reprieve from all the craziness. Whenever her vignettes would come on, it was a moment we could all catch our breath. We knew she wouldn't say or do anything too cringe-worthy, and her normal house with her normal closet-space made us feel at home, and at ease.

Plus, she was funny with Brandi and their banter about her hating her husband was mildly amusing.

That's two spots now that are open on RHOBH ... Adrienne's place is the only one that needs an "official" replacement, Marisa was sort of a side character, but it'll be interesting to see what Bravo does with the opportunity.

Word is that Lisa Rinna is close to inking a deal to replace Ms. Maloof, but as far as Marisa's spot ... who knows. Maybe Faye Resnick has an eviler evil twin who's available?

Will you miss Marisa?


Photo via bravotv.com

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