'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Peta Murgatroyd Can't Hide Their Chemistry Any Longer (VIDEO)

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Sean Lowe Peta MurgatroydOh. My. Gawwwdddd. I don't care what Bachelor Sean Lowe says about his Dancing With the Stars partner Peta Murgatroyd -- there's absolutely no way he doesn't feel some sort of physical attraction to her.

And after watching the undeniable chemistry between them during their sexually charged rumba last night -- they definitely seem to have more than a brother/sister type relationship going on.

Yeah, yeah, I know he made a big fuss during the DWTS rehearsal clips from this week about how he's not attracted to Peta (sure, buddy) and even went so far as to bring fiancé Catherine Giudici into the studio to help him get into a romantic mood.

But something tells me Catherine's little trip to rehearsals was probably her idea -- not Sean's. Oh, please. If you knew your hubby-to-be was spending the majority of his days grinding up and down against a single, super-hot chick (with a sexy accent to boot), wouldn't you be just a little bit worried about him getting a wee bit too close for comfort?

And on top of that, Sean has to be about the most sexually frustrated dude on the planet -- so it wouldn't be surprising at all if Catherine wanted to keep tabs on him during the steamiest dance he's performed yet.

Ok, back to Sean and Peta and the nature of their "working" relationship. Somehow I highly doubt they've gotten physical yet, but there's no way they haven't at least thought about it. And by going out of their way to stress the fact that there's "nothing going on between them," they're only making it look like the opposite is true.

Take another look at this clip of their rumba from last night and see what you think.

Um, hello? They're about 10 hip gyrations away from saying, "Oh, to hell with it!" and making out like a couple of lovesick teenagers.

(Sorry, Catherine.)

Do you think there is more going on between Sean and Peta than they're letting on?


Image via TheVocalVault/YouTube

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Andreia Vice Varnell

Don't really care to much for seeing Peta on the show. She comes across as one to have something for all the ones she has danced with on the show so far. Would like to see her not be on the show & Mak come back.

Dania Elisse

STFU! have you seen her previous season with Donald Driver or her last season with the other guy they had a LOT more chemistry with her than Sean IMO MAYBE you should go back and watch her dance the Rumba with her partner last season! Sean is in LOVE with Catherine deal with that and stfu stop trying making something out of nothing you are pathetic! if you watched the rehearsal packaged Peta said it herself SHE ASKED Catherine to came it was NOT Cath's idea idiot!!

Vicki Metzger Vaughn

I think your just out to hurt his wife to be, shame on you all. And if he i in love with her why do you think you should be the tell all people you must get your crap from TMZ.


Dania Elisse

@Andreia i agree i don't really care for her either that's how she act with all of her partners she needs to chill but Sean knows better i don't get why this site keep printing stupid stuff

nonmember avatar Ruth Thomas

Please leave the man alone.

Evelyn Basile

Don't care 4 Sean at all don't believe his virgin bull shit  and i'm pretty sure something will happen with him and Peta   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dania Elisse

@Evelyn what makes you think? she acts the same way with all of her parters! i don't believe anything will happen between them! maybe this is some of you first season watching the show? i don't get the whole Sean and peta thing at all

Dania Elisse

you have to have some kind chemistry and passion people are acting like only Sean and peta act that way when they dance it's ridiculous lol

nonmember avatar Kathy

Another ignorant blog from this blogger who is milking the Sean/Catherine thing to death. She is trying to 'stir' up interest with grade school type stories. She obviously has no education. This is a nasty woman. I feel sorry for her children.

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