'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Even Lydia McLaughlin Isn't Buying Alexis Bellino's Crap

Lydia McLaughlin and Alexis BellinoThey may have the same bedazzled Bibles, but tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County, new girl Lydia McLaughlin stood up to Alexis Bellino and told her she was full of crap ... more or less. After Tamra Barney dramatically threw Alexis out of her gym warming party, Alexis was out sobbing in her limo, once again calling everyone bullies.

She said they were all so mean to her that they'd forced her to start taking medication. "My therapist never had to worry about me before that trip to Costa Rica," she said. Lydia tried to get her to see that it wasn't bullying, but rather people expressing opinions, but poor-me Alexis (who looked "bullying" up in a dictionary, darn it), of course, wouldn't concede. “I had to go on Xanax for it, Lydia,” she shot at her.

Meanwhile, Vicki Gunvalson was actually attempting to choose Tamra in the fight, but when she walked out to tell Alexis she was staying, she got sucked into her sob story. Tamra stood outside the limo listening to it all go down, and lashed out at Vicki for taking her side. Though Vicki told her she'd call her in the morning on her way out, Tamra flipped her off. So much for that relationship being rekindled.

As annoying as Alexis is (and don't even get me started on Gretchen Rossi, who is particularly irritating this season), however, Tamra seems downright scary these days. She's wound up ultra tight, ready to pounce on anyone (Heather Dubrow got a taste), and did she really call Eddie a "beaner"? She's pretty much a mess I wouldn't want to mess with. As much as I want to like Tamra sometimes, Vicki was right when she said that she's more or less humiliated everyone she's come into contact with. Gretchen better watch out. 

When Lydia went over to Alexis's after the big disaster of a night, I thought maybe she'd cave and take Alexis's side. Instead she stayed strong and tried to get Alexis to verbalize why she thinks all the ladies are against her. "Something just doesn't add up," Lydia told her. Alexis, per usual, just moaned and pattered on about how she has no idea why no one likes her except God. Lydia, to the camera, said, "I can see why they don’t like her. Any time you try to say anything, even constructive criticism, she gets defensive and emotional."

Ding, ding. The girl is smarter than she came off during the first episodes.

Meanwhile Vicki's brother was opening the door for Brooks Ayers to walk into her life again. While her crazy mother seemed to think he was a bunch of baloney and a gold digger, Vicki's brother Billy was adamant that Briana and Ryan not control Vick's life and tell her who she can and can't see. Based on previews for next week, it seems like that's all Vicki needed to start seeing Brooks (in public) once more. Here we go again.

Were you surprised to see Lydia McLaughlin stand up to Alexis Bellino? Is anyone on Team Alexis?


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Suzanne Benn

GO LYDIA !!!!!! You are the breath of fresh air these women need. You "were" the 3rd party looking in and now you are right in there in the mix !!!! Alexis DID need someone to say that to her. Keep talking and telling her how you (andmost of us) see her actions and are tired of the verbal junk she is spewing !!!! 

HayLaura HayLaura

I think they all act like they are in High School... I think and have thought for years that Tamara Barney is a Mean Girl and is a Bully... they are all Bullies and act very immature for their age. I am 53 and I have never ever acted like this and don't have friends that act like this. I don't know if this is all a ACT for TV, but if I was Lydia..... I would run for the Hills, because believe you me..... she will eventually get the same treatment. They all do....  I don't know why i even watch this show, but maybe its because watching these grown up beeotches, makes me feel Lucky that I don't have people in my Life who act this way....  Just Sayin'    tsk tsk

Pam Chapin

Please stop throwing yourself all of these stupid woe is me PITY PARTIES Alexis !! Grow up and join the real world !! These ladies aren't bullies, you are just so thin skinned , in a Xanax haze - If your so darn unhappy with the show - then LEAVE !! I hate to sound mean (or bullying) but it's really get old watching you cry over last years drama (which you played a big part in) !! 

undrc... undrcvrmom

Wish I had a Xanax for every time people were mean to me;)lol

Megan Lindsey

Is ALexis bullied by Heather and Gretchen; no. The latter is a friend, they've had a falling out. The former she never saw eye to eye with. HOWEVER, when they are with Tamra, who IS a bully to everyone she can be (picks a new girl every season just to make sure it isn't her), then yes, they tend to gang up on her. Again, solo, only Tamra is a bully. Together, they DO bully. Is Alexis still overreacting? ABSOLUTELY. But Tamra is perhaps one of the most evil in all of housewives history (and I'm sure she has a sob story to go along with a reason why)...so this doesn't surprise me

sand008 sand008

Its not bullying, it a catty frenzy

nonmember avatar rose

tamra why are yuo sp so ne mean

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