Most Annoying ‘RHONY’ Cast Member Just Got Invited Back for Season 6

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aviva drescherBad news for Real Housewives of New York fans: Aviva Drescher's contract was renewed for season 6. The tall blonde with the holier than thou attitude just closed her deal with Bravo, only two weeks before filming is slated to start. Drescher joins confirmed cast members Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson, and Ramona Singer ... apparently, LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan are holding out for higher paychecks.

Here's the thing: Aviva sucks. I'm sorry! She does. And she doesn't suck in a fun way, like Ramona, she sucks in an "eew get off my TV screen" kind of way.

Her behavior on slutty island was ridiculous and, again, not ridiculous in a drunk-Sonja-having-anal-sex-with-a-pirate-kind-of-way, but in a sad, brutally painful way. Remember how she was aghast there wasn't a sign welcoming her to the house? Gross.

And don't get me started on her dad. I don't care how old that guy is, he's still a sleazy creep. When he showed up to do Aviva's bidding at Ramona's charity event, you kind of had to wonder why. Does he not have better things to do? I suppose he and Aviva thought he'd be an endearing, light-hearted addition to the cast, but really, he's just kind of leering and crude.

I'm disappointed to hear that Aviva's back on the show. I didn't like her story lines, I found her phobias obnoxious, and her sanctimony on the reunion show was so primed, I wouldn't be surprised if she pulled a Jill Zarin and had a media coach spend the night at her apartment the night before the big gathering.

Season 6 doesn't yet have a premiere date. Filming was supposed to begin in January, 2013, but has been pushed back until May.

Are you happy Aviva's back?


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nonmember avatar chan

I can't stand this B. She is the worst cast member ever to be on this series.

Serab... Serabelle

To me she's only slightly less annoying than Sonja... Please don't come back Sonja!!!

nonmember avatar Patricia Butler

I had to click through just to see who was being deemed "most annoying." With the current cast (Carole excepted) there seems to be a dead heat for the title.

nonmember avatar Debbie

The New York Housewives is one of my favorite out of the series until last year. It was hard to sit through it. I really did not like ANY of the new women, but Aviva was by far the worst! She is sickening, every word out of her pitiful mouth was hard to sit through. I always record the show so I don't have to watch commercials but I would fast forward every time the sad, forlorn holier that thou wreck of a woman opened her mouth. Why in the world would they let her back on the show. I would much rather have Jill back. I wonder if its because of the Boston bombings and the people that lost their legs. I saw her on the news visiting some of the patients.

Melanie Teague Van Es

I can't stand her!!! Whiney sanctimonious b!?$& why would Bravo think anyone would want to watch her again this season!!!!

Debbie Page Lazzara

I enjoyed Carol and Heather, Love Sonia ( that little hussie) . lol



luvmy... luvmy5gr8

I think NY has had too many changes at once,all I can say is remember Kelly they have to keep a crazy person around and she is as crazy as Kelly  

Lobelle Lobelle

There is nothing remotely interesting about her, DULL! She gets in stupid fights just to remain on the show, honestly is there no one better in all of NY?

nonmember avatar Sherlene

Not happy about her coming back at all, she is such a Bitch and above everyone else (so she thinks), that I am surprised she would want to come back. God forbid she might be grouped up with the real women.

nonmember avatar Michele

She is not as annoying as Ramona, who never seems to go away.

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