'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans Is Too Far Gone for Her Mom to Help Her

Jenelle Evans The Teen Mom 2 season finale could well be the series finale too, and it was just as packed with highs and lows as expected. Unfortunately with Jenelle Evans, the highs were literal. Her already rampant drug use took a scary turn tonight that does much to explain how the North Carolina mom ended up arrested just this month on heroin charges.

Fortunately things ended on a much more positive note for moms Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Messer Calvert.

We finally got to see Kailyn officially married to the man we know now is her husband, Javi Marroquin. The two got hitched in a short legal ceremony before he got his orders to leave for basic training for the Air Force. Kailyn's ex-boyfriend Jo took the news well, and the two seem destined for good things. Watching Javi break down in tears as he said goodbye to his new stepson may be one of the sweetest moments we've seen on this series. He's clearly got the best for Kailyn and Isaac on his mind.

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Leah and ex-husband Corey Simms have also come to a point in their relationship where they can put their past differences behind them and be happy for one another. The two came together along with her mom and his dad, plus Leah's new husband, Jeremy, for three days of out-of-town doctor visits for daughter Ali. The bad news is the little girl does have a muscle and nerve condition, which could affect her heart. The good news is the little girl will eventually walk, and these young parents finally have an actual diagnosis of what is wrong with her after years of wondering.

Despite a morning of drama when little Aubree locked herself in Chelsea's bedroom and went back to sleep, leaving the teen mom to try breaking in with first a credit card, then a bobby pin, and eventually using a screwdriver, Chelsea had the most low-key ending of the evening. She's gone back to beauty school, and she's back on track to graduate.

Which leaves only Jenelle who was and continues to be her own worst enemy.

Her mom Barbara told a story tonight of stopping by Jenelle's house with her boyfriend, Mike, only to find her daughter stoned out of her mind with a syringe and what Mike calls a bag of heroin in plain sight. Barbara and Mike blame Jenelle's boyfriend, Kieffer, for dragging her deeper into drugs, and she tries to have Jenelle committed to a psychiatric facility to keep her away from Kieffer.

The commitment doesn't work. Jenelle is released, but the move empowers her to take Kieffer to the magistrate to file charges against her mom and Mike for trespassing.

Barbara hasn't always been the best mom to Jenelle, but you could tell she is a mom who desperately loves her daughter but doesn't know what to do to keep her safe. To be fair to her, I don't think she really can do anything.

At one point, Jenelle and Kieffer are so strung out that as they carry on a slurred conversation, the two fall asleep ... mid-conversation ... while still sitting up.

Her drug-addled state is so well-documented, it's not hard to guess why MTV chose not to continue filming her after some of the images on camera tonight.

Are you sad to say goodbye to the Teen Mom 2 crew? What do you think will happen with Jenelle?


Image via MTV

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manda... mandafenner09

Im not sad to see her go, more sad she didnt stay with mike, and change her life around. Im sorry for her mom and son more than anything

nonmember avatar leslie

mandafenner09 Mike is Barb's boyfriend. Keifer, Gary and Courtland have all been Jenelle's boyfriends. None of which were any good for her. The girl needs to be alone and change her life around herself.

nikol... nikolita87

I wish MTV would've just stopped filming Jenelle but let the other girls continue. Oh well. I know people trash talk the show but I've always enjoyed it. Yes it has its train wreck moments but it at least had more substance than Jershey Shore.

nonmember avatar Margie Randond

Ido enjoy teen mom2i hope it will return next season.

Kelliann Brooker

Why should the LADIES be punshished for Jenelle's bad judjement. She should be let go. ( inside a rubber room until she agress to get help) Praying fotr you Jenelle.

Sarah Audette

they should stop of filming Jenelle and left the others and she is so far gone anyways to help her its sad she chooses drugs over her son good thing he has his grandmother/mom to raise him

Gina Mazzilli

I agree with the above comments... I'm very much interested in seeing how things continue for the other girls and looks like that wont be happening. Jenelle did all of this to herself... She needs help but I don't think she's going to hit rock bottom anytime soon to realize that!

Melissa Greenawalt

This so sad. Its such a shame to punish ALL of them when only ONE of them is the problem!! Just not fair. I look forward to hearing about most of these girls and I am curious to find out where life takes them. I really hope mtv would "reconsider"........

Army-... Army-Wife0128

Janelle should have been taken off camera long time ago. I can't believe she actually wants custody of her son.  She is a complete idiot and will never learn no matter how many times she gets arrested. It's upsetting to see how pissed off she gets with her mother for not getting her out of jail when she does get arrested. I would do the same thing and let her little ass sit in jail. I really hope they continue with the rest of the girls.

nonmember avatar Haley

On the original Teen Mom they continued to film Gary and his daughter while Amber was in jail. Why can't they continue to film Teen Mom 2 without Janelle? Let Barbara and Jace continue to be part of the show.

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