Kate Middleton Speaks Up for the First Time & It's Beautiful (VIDEO)

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Kate MiddletonOur favorite Duchess Kate Middleton doesn't go out of her way to speak up often, but she's released her first-ever broadcast message in honor of Children's Hospice Week April 26 through May 3. Rocking a black top with white collar, Kate urges viewers to recognize, celebrate, and support children's hospices and the UK's Together for Short Lives Fund.

It's touching and now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever heard Kate say ... well, anything. Kate seems calm, collected, and sincerely passionate about the cause.

Sure, people give Kate Middleton a hard time for having a "plain" personality. The truth is, though, that I think her reserved stature and sweet persona make messages like this one more meaningful. It makes the things she does say feel like they have some weight.

Watch her message, here:

See what I mean? Kate has no problem filming this and speaking up when there's a good purpose. Despite the criticisms, I believe that Kate has done a great job handling this Duchess gig. The fact that she's not in the very least outspoken makes her more interesting when she does have something to say.

What do you think of Kate's first broadcast message?


Image via Together4ShortLives/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Mama - D

Seemed staged to me like she was reading a card or a tv asking for help rather then speaking it all from her heart... Must say thought she does have a sweet personality about her that draws plp to her...

Jan Buchanan

just beautiful! so classy

Phyllis Levy

I have fallen in love with her...she is a very good person, I believe, for William and I think very much that Diana would/does love her too. My children were born around the same time as William and Harry and I have watched them grow along with mine. Such pride in them and such a wonderful future for them. Their(William and Kate)child being born is like watching my grandchild be born(but I don't have grandchildren yet but I experience it vicariously through others). God bless them!

nonmember avatar Alicia

You can see it in her face and countenance that what she is saying is meaningful to her. Her expression and emphasis, to me, makes the carefully thought out words she chose sincere. And the way she appeals to us to consider the importance of this cause seemed to have a stronger pull than many of this sort of message that actors/celebrities, who perform for a living, have done.

stara... starandseen

She looks fine to me. Very regal. I don't see anything dull about this. She's being serious.

Courtnut Courtnut

She's so pretty. For some reason her voice sounds different than I thought it would.

nonmember avatar Jessica

Her voice TOTALLY reminds me of Princess Diana! She's very well spoken and can do no wrong in my opinion.

nonmember avatar Jessica

One more thought...can we PLEASE stop calling her Kate "Middleton"???? Didn't she lose her maiden name when she got married and oh, I don't know...became a royal?

Imani Woodard-Ali

Actually this is the second time that she has spoken up for something.  She made a speech sometime last year about one of the causes she was working on.  And wheather she was reading or not she got the job done.  Go Duchess!!!

nonmember avatar T.l. Gerard

Princess Diana all over again!

So beautiful and elegant all in one!

Excellent job Kate!

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