Kim Kardashian’s Ex Makes Music Video Reliving Their Sex Tape That Proves He’s Still in Love With Her

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ray jIs Ray J serious? That's not a rhetorical question. I literally wanna know if this whole "I Hit It First" music video is a joke or not, because frankly, I can't tell. The has-been R&B singer recently released the song and resultant video in the wake of ex-sex-tape-partner Kim Kardashian's pregnancy with baby daddy Kanye West, and guys, it's literally the dumbest thing I've ever seen. You have to watch.

How pathetic does Ray J look? The sex tape came out years ago ... dude, get over it. First of all, he didn't hit it first -- Kim was married (and divorced) before ever meeting Ray J. Second of all, Taylor Swift called, she wants her song-writing technique back. Putting out a tune dedicated to your ex is something the blonde pop country starlet has a hold over -- Ray J's crouching in on her territory, which may be the saddest thing about this whole thing.

But while we're all laughing at Ray J, I'm sure no one's happier about this ridiculous song than Kim Kardashian. Now that she's pregnant and not feeling her sexiest, it must be nice to hear that someone's written a song about how he had your head going north and your ass going south, and that if you wanted to go back to him -- he'd "get it wet, Jacuzzi."

A love sonnet to rival Shakespeare's, no doubt.

What do you think of Ray J's music video?



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nonmember avatar Grossed_Out

That was one of the worst things I have ever seen!! Ugh, the disgusting minds of some men (PIGS) and the stupid things some women will do!! If I ever have a teenaged daughter, I will sit her down and make her watch show her that this is what (most) guys do after you sleep with them!!! Talk about you like you were nothing and brag about "hitting it". Sex is meant to be something special and saved for a special time (wedding night...)if you keep giving it up, you look like stupid and used!!! ugh! I feel dirty now!

Gypsy... Gypsyqueen4life

Uh, is it me or does it seem like he was trying to look a little like Kanye also? Lol

Rachelle Miller

In my opinion all he is proving by putting this song and video out is that he is still not over her, and never was....pathetic

Lisa Deoraj


nonmember avatar Alyssa

im Not a Ray J fan at all (i kinda dislike him) but i don't think he still likes Kim, he just wants to humiliate and embarrass her because she thinks the sex tape is behind her,it Never will be, he likes to remind her he is the reason for her fame and the songs kinda catchy lol just like all the std's Kim has

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