'Mad Men' Creator Hints That Don May Not Make It Out of Season 6 Alive

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don draperMad Men creator Matthew Weiner wouldn't usually tell us more than we absolutely need to know about what's in store for his prized characters, but he may have just let a MAJOR cat out of the bag about what the rest of season 6 will look like. At least for Don.

He spoke with Fresh Air's Terry Gross on NPR this week and explained that New Year's 1968 -- which we celebrated with the Drapers during the season premiere -- was meant to set the tone for the rest of the season. That year, Weiner notes, was, "as far as I can tell, in the top two or three worst years in U.S. history."

And it sounds like he's relishing that fact when he goes onto say, "That's what it was about for me. Let's get to the destruction. Let's get to the loss." Oh, boy.

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He continued:

Let's ... express the idea that people want to change, and change is afoot. Because as far as I can tell, 1968 is a year about change, about revolution, about violence, about people turning inwards as community breaks down." I really kind of wanted to get that into the personal story of Don, which is, 'I don't like the way I am.' Where will that go?

Well, where will it go, Weiner? Surprisingly, he didn't seem to have a problem elaborating a bit what he meant by that. In fact, NPR reports that Weiner sees 1968 and this sixth season as Don's darkest moment. And hey, we probably should have realized that would be the case when we saw him engrossed in (figuratively? literally?) Dante's Inferno while relaxing on a Wakiki beach next to Megan. And he went onto offer that Mad Men fans have ...

an investment in the fact that this man is in his worst state — the way 1968 is — because it is overrunning his life and it's page 1 in the story: He's going into hell. This is the descent. Maybe he'll come out on the other side, or maybe he'll just take up residence there.

OMG, I just got chills. "He's going into hell"? "This is the descent."?! "Let's get to the loss"!? I sense death is very likely on the horizon in some way, shape, or form. It could be in the figurative sense, sure -- death of the old Don? -- but I have a feeling it may be a bit more dramatic than that ...

If he's going to go to hell, something's gotta give to create change. Much like all the political, social, cultural unrest everyone was surrounded by in 1968. It was necessary to shake things up. What's going to shake Don up? Will he "come out on the other side"? He's got to ... Then again, we love this show because, when it comes to just about ANYTHING, you just never know.

What are your predictions for Don?


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youth... youthfulsoul

I don't get death out of that. I get sinful behavior.

Jluvl... Jluvly613

i don't get death out of that either...we all know that Don has a ton of emotional issues. this just sounds like he's headed for a downward spiral, and we don't know if he'll be able to finally conquer his inner demons.

Harry Faulkner

He is definitely not going to sustain his marriage; he's cheating on her and is jealous of her success as an actress. Also, they have hinted before that his double-diet of booze and nicotine will catch up with him; nobody can smoke and drink like that and not have health issues...

David Zane Taylor

Well, there is no way he's going to die before the show ends that's for sure. He's the sizzle on the steak. I've always thought the show is really about Peggy. The role of women in the late 20th century. It's really about how women became empowered, both at home and in the workplace. Hence, the true meaning of "Mad Men". (I know it's supposed to be about Madison Avenue) but also, aren't the men 'mad' at how society changed from a boys club? I've also always thought perhaps Don is going to kill himself by jumping off a roof.???? I hope when the show is about to end- we get a flash forward to see what's up with Sally. Wonder how she is going to turn out?

nonmember avatar Desiree

I think either the doctor in which Don is sleeping with his wife or Don's new wife, Megan will kill Don. Or Don may decide that he doesn't want to live a lie anymore and start using his birth name, which is Dick. So, in a sense there would be a rebirth of Dick, and he will allow Don to officially die.

Treasure Brown

Don is either going to end up work for or marrying Peggy.

nonmember avatar Jenn

I think that ‘descent’ and ‘hell’ are metaphorical for the changes in society. I work at DISH with an older gentleman who is always telling me that things were different when he was young, and that morals have gone downhill since then. With that in mind, I also think that Desiree might be on to something, but where would that leave his kids, especially now that he’s slightly forming a relationship with Bobby. I’ve already watched this episode several times now, and since I can stream live TV and my DVR recordings to my phone using DISH Anywhere, I’ve been watching The Flood everywhere trying to figure it out.

Jefferson Wolf

Yes..it would be interesting to see DON descent into hell which could relish our taste buds...however seeing DON come back from the dead with a screaming cool savvy vengeance ..NOW THAT's THE DRAPER I WANT BACK IN STYLE!!! Go get GANGSTAR ON Them DON!!!

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