Jason Aldean Splits From His Wife After Cheating Scandal

Jason AldeanCountry crooner Jason Aldean and his wife of 11 years, Jessica Ussery, are reportedly separated. Which may not be a shocker to country fans as Jason was caught last year with tongue down the throat of pretty Carrie Underwood lookalike and American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr while they were in a bar . It often doesn't bode well for a marriage when hubs is out of town kissing random chicks in bars -- at least if the wife finds out about it. And too bad for Jason someone busted him with a cell phone snap. A source tells US Weekly that the couple had had difficulties before the infamous bar kiss, but I'm sure it couldn't have helped matters!

Jason spends much of his time on the road touring, and there has to be a lot of trust for a marriage to survive that kind of time apart, and the kind of temptation Jason must face.

Any trust that Jessica had probably went out the proverbial window when she saw photo of Jason and Brittany. At the time, Jason blamed the indiscretion on having a bit too much to drink (that old excuse) and the couple seemed like they were going to stay together.

Couples do get past things like this -- but if there were already issues, an incident like this can push things into divorce territory right quick.

At the time, however, the couple, who have two daughters, said they'd learned from the incident. Jason told US Weekly:

We've been together for a long time and through a lot of things together. Those are things that most people get to deal with in private, but we didn't have the luxury of doing that.

He added that couples who have been "been married for 30, 40, 50 years" will have these kinds of issues.

Err, yeah, Jason, But you had only been married for 11. Granted, that's a long time, but still little excuse for getting your freak on with some young girl in a bar. Sounds like Jason thinks these things just kind of "happen" to long-term couples. They don't. The people inside the marriages make them happen.

Also, at the time, Brittany was getting a lot of online hate for her part in the makeout scandal. But it wasn't Brittany who made marriage vows. Plus, she claims she didn't know he was married. I hope the interwebs mobs leave her alone for this one. It was seven months ago, people. I'm sure she's moved on.

But that's the problem with cheating -- it may mean nothing to you, but it most likely means a lot to your spouse. And you may not know just how much it means until your marriage is kaput.

Would you forgive your husband kissing another woman?


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nonmember avatar sam

Where is the part of the story about Jessica cheating and Aborting the baby from the extramarital affair.?cause women can cheat too not just men.he moved on and she can't.

Steph... Steph1499

I heard she cheated also.  I also think that the fact that the girl said she didnt know he was married is full of it.  Sometimes people grow apart and they divorce.  Its not that big of a deal.  I never understood why media outlets make it a big deal.  It happens everyday.  People divorce.  Get over it.

Melan... MelanieJK

It's not a minor indiscretion when it's a famous person in a public place.      It's not just breaking the marriage commitment,   it's spitting on it.     It's not surprising to learn that they were having issues before this,   it would be surprising if they weren't.      

klmom2 klmom2

Unfortunately Mr. ALDEAN thought that being away from home meant that he could play, but he forgot that he made vows to his wife before GOD which meant that he made a promise to his wife and if he couldn't keep his promise to her then just end the marriage so you can freely see as many women as he wants and he wouldn't have to bring those dreaded STD'S home and ruin your wife's. life.

Society has given the OK for this behavior by calling it a mistake. Cheating of any kind should never be considered a mistake because adults shouls know the difference. between right snd wrong. So when you are married and find yourself intimate with someone other than your spouse then you and only you can put the breaks on your actions and you shouldn't. blame anyone for the consequences that may occur.

Momme... MommeeTo4

I'm just going to answer the question.

Hell no!

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I'm actually in that situation. My husband kissed someone else while I was pregnant with his child. I still haven't gotten over it. We're still together but I haven't forgiven him and it still causes problems and its been almost 2 years.

jkm89 jkm89

Oh man, he is so dreamy. Too bad he's a cheating asshole.

Alice Marquart

If I saw my husband sucking mouth with some woman, he need not come home ever!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Sad things didn't work out but no one is prefect and we all make mistakes but what he does in his personal life is his business and I still like him and his music.

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