Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Are Getting Married -- According to Her

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Kristen StewartOMG. You know those rumors about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson planning a wedding? Well it sounds like they might be -- or at least Kristen thinks so.

Apparently she was overheard saying, "Rob and I will get married." That's what a "source" told Grazia magazine. Turns out there was an eavesdropper in the crowd at Coachella who was hanging on Kristen's every word, which is how this little tidbit of juice was supposedly picked up.

And that's not all the source reports hearing.

He/she also says Kristen was showing off the commitment ring Rob recently gave her for her birthday -- which HAS to mean an engagement ring is the next piece of bling she'll be sporting.

Or is it?

Don't her words seem a little bit forced or something? (If she really did say them.)

"Rob and I will get married." I can't help but wonder if she placed emphasis on the "will"?

Maybe I'm reading too much into her statement, but it almost sounds like she's trying to convince herself that she and Rob are headed in the right direction. By saying out loud that they're planning on tying the knot, it makes it easier for her to actually believe or something.

And based on how private of a person Kristen is, it just seems strange for her to be talking openly about her relationship with Rob in general. If everything is really all roses and unicorns between those two, then she shouldn't have to say anything to convince herself or anyone else that they'll eventually get hitched.

Hmm. On that note, maybe whoever overheard her talking didn't interpret what she was saying correctly -- that is, if this story is really true in the first place. I'm sure there were more than a few girls with boyfriends named Rob at Coachella, so perhaps the source mistook some random gal for Kristen?

It's not like fesitvals that big don't have plenty of skinny, pale brunettes with blank stares on their faces wandering around.

Do you think Kristen really said this, and do you think she and Rob will ever get married?


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nonmember avatar Faith

Kristen seems to think Robert will marry her. That or she will try to make him do it. But she's 23. Rob's my age or so. If she thinks he fully trusts her not to cheat on him again, she ought to think again. Plus a person who makes fun of her guy in public no less, doesn't deserve him. Kristen's celebrity wasn't much before Twilight series. Now she thinks she can do whatever she pleases and everyone, including Robert, will accept it. Well, it'll be interesting when Kirsten ends up dumped before or on her wedding day or divorced within 5 years

nonmember avatar rebecca

no i dont think so but yet i do i dont know really but maybe i mean they have been togather for a while and only had a few up and downs but everyone does

Daisy Dorothy Watt

Its funny that we read Kristen Stewart said to her group of friends, Kristen Stewart would not discuss her relationship in the open with friends. She is very private about these things. So it only be with her mom and Scout and Rob himself. Last time we read that she was not into marriage yet, and asked to be engaged at 18, but turned it down. Also she has a bucket list of things to do before she decides to take that big step. At the moment, she and Rob are back on track, but they have a long way to go and close friends have said that Rob needs to win his family over first and he has his own plans of what he is going to do and not even the media would know about it. Both knows they have a lot of issue to cover and will take it so slow. I wish them luck.

Becky Bowen

yes  i  do  because  they  love  each  other  very  much  everybody  needs  to  leave  them  alone  thier  buisness  thier  life  nobody  elses  a  fan


Suzi Folz

Honestly, I feel that they Truly have a Genuine connection/bond together. And if I'm right and it's true, the two of them will do whatever it takes to maintain their Loving connection.

Colleen Sarica

I am sure Kristen was chatting her head off about it so people could hear it.  Get a grip


nonmember avatar CATHRYN DELGAD

Robert and Kristen was married twice, one Breaken Dawn one and a wedding 2011. It is Kristen is one that run that relationship

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