Taylor Swift May Be Shocked By Harry Styles’ New Love Interest -- We Sure Are!

harry stylesTaylor Swift must be freaking out right now. Not only did her ex Harry Styles slam her this week, now there are reports that he has moved on to another sexy blonde with music industry roots. Though his camp hasn't confirmed the new love, the One Direction singer was spotted out and about with her and her family. And you won't believe who his new dream girl is ...

Kimberly Stewart. Not ringing a bell yet? She's the daughter of Brit singing legend Rod Stewart. Sources say the new couple were spotted kissing and holding hands. But Harry isn't just getting close to Kim. He has been spending quality time with her parents too. The foursome dinned out in LA and all packed into the same car at the end of the night.

I wonder if this is really getting under Taylor's skin? It's always hard to watch an ex move on, especially after a messy, headline-grabbing split. She needn’t worry, though. This one is destined to crash and burn too. Kimberly, 33, is seriously robbing the cradle. I can understand if Harry, 19, wants to try his hand at a more mature lady this time around. It can be sexy and intriguing. He's probably sick of the silly games that all those teens and 20-somethings play. But what in the world could she see in this kid?

Her last boyfriend was Benicio del Toro, who also happens to be her baby daddy. Talk about NOT having a clear type. I like Harry. I think he and his bandmates are cute. Still, how does a grown woman with a child go from an Oscar-worthy star to the guy who sings "C'mon, C'mon"? Actually, on second thought, I see the appeal -- young, rich, famous, a way to get some media attention. So maybe it's a win-win for both -- for however long it lasts.

Are you surprised Harry is dating an older woman?


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Sierr... SierraLynn

I seriously thought the person in the picture above was a girl...

Serab... Serabelle

Eeew, just eeew

Serab... Serabelle

Eeew, just eeew

nonmember avatar really?

i dont think she cares she doesnt read gossip dummys

cox3 cox3

That is just gross. And they are not cute

nonmember avatar SK

That's not dating, that's babysitting.

nonmember avatar sirius

Wasn't her brother just dating Adrienne Maloof? Real classy Stewart family. I'm 5 years older than Kimberly and have a child Harry's age. I would kill a 33 year old man trying to hook up with my daughter. I truly don't see a difference. Mentally stable adults over thirty see people under 21 as children. Age matters less in later years. Nice thing to show your kids.

nonmember avatar Cate

That's an older picture of Harry. The guy reportedly has charisma and is fun to hang out with. And yes, being seen with him will get her in the headlines, so I can see why she's spending some time with him. Soulmates? Probably not. ;) You guys are pretty harsh.

nonmember avatar tori

It's all funny, really. Rod Stewart has new music coming out soon and Kim has a reality tv show in the works, I believe. Harry Styles is one of the biggest things out there right now and his fans are interested in whoever he's dating. So, they're going to look into their family. They're going to start talking about The Stewart Family just in time to create hype for the new music and Kim's reality show. Not to mention, Harry's PR team has to keep his "womanizer, cougar-chasing" image up because he's gay. He can't be in a boyband that appeals to young, hormonal teenage girls, now, can he? ;)

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