'Bachelor' Star Sean Lowe's 'Accidental Racist' Tweet Doesn't Deserve Criticism

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Sean LoweLet me just be straight with you right off the bat: I really don't know much about The Bachelor, or the tan, gym-toned, Chiclet-toothed men and women who take part in the show. I'm not entirely certain why Bachelor alum Sean Lowe is such a hot commodity these days (is it his born again virginity?) (I mean, good for him and yay values and all that, but I don't think you get that back, dude), but I do know that for all the good things that are coming his way from this reality-show fame, there are a bunch of really sucky downsides.

For instance: some jackass Stir blogger poking fun at your born-again virginity claims. (What? You thought I had no self-awareness over here?) For another thing: being accused of RACISM when you post a tweet about your Dancing With the Stars performance.

Lowe took to Twitter yesterday to post a comment about readying for the upcoming Latin week on DWTS, and here's what he wrote:

Yeah, I can't say it would have occurred to me to take that as anything other than a self-deprecating joke, but apparently some thought he came across as an "accidental racist." Wetpaint wrote that while all "racist implications" were probably completely unintentional,

(...) we’re also concerned that he’s spent so much time cutting loose on the dance floor, the poor dear is exhausted. After all, that’s the only thing that could explain why his internal publicist didn’t put a kibosh on his tweet today. True, Sean hasn’t had the best performances when it comes to the Latin-derived ballroom routines on Dancing With The Stars, but we’re positive he could have phrased this better.

Dude, this right here is why I would never want to be a celebrity in a million years. Not only do I not have the freakishly pore-free skin needed for all those HD closeups, I can't imagine how frustrating it is to have your every comment twisted and taken out of context.

It's not like he wrote, "When is Caucasian week? That's when I'm really going to feel way more comfortable because other cultures totally gross me out and I'm hoping to re-populate the earth with more of my kind," for crying out loud. He made a completely innocent joke about his own dancing ability, and if this is officially considered racist, well, WE HAVE LOST SIGHT OF WHAT THE REAL PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD ARE.

In conclusion: good luck with your stardom, Mr. Lowe. Personally, I'm not sure it's worth it, but hopefully those reality show paychecks are helping ease the sting of all this hyper-vigilant public attention.

What do you think about Sean Lowe's tweet? Did you detect a whiff of racism?

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Tracey Pullum

If I had read Sean's comment without reading any of the other B.S. with it, I would have never in a million years associated racism with it. People need to get a life.

hexxuss hexxuss

Wow, some people will try to make something out of nothing... no racism, at all. It was obviously a dig at himself for "dancing like a white boy" - that joke has been made ALL THE TIME, but no one ever cries racism at that. *smh* get some thicker skin people - this P.C. environment has GOT to go!

nonmember avatar Jag

I think it was a classless blunder coming from someone who is not socially bright, quite harmless. The thing that I wonder about is whose business is his sex life or anyones sex life. I can't believe this is so open for discussion. Is he the only one who has viewed sex as something between married people. Good for him on that account but for Catherines sake he should marry her or let somone else have her

nonmember avatar Mel

That's not racist at all!!!!
Honestly he was just saying that Latin dance is incredibly difficult, which it is, and making a joke out of it.
People need to loosen up!

Nancy... NancyJ422

Not racist - not even "classless". What exactly is so classless about saying "I got no rhythm"

Madam... MadameGarlic

I'm always on the lookout for racism, but I don't see it here. He was so obviously making good-natured fun at himself.

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