Kristen Stewart Asks Robert Pattinson to Do Something He Hates to Show the World They're in Love

robert pattinsonThey were off again before they were on again. Or wait, maybe they were never off? Kristen Stewart was reportedly shagging Rupert Sanders in the back of an Acura the other day, but then it turned out to be just a valet who looked like Rupert Sanders. Or maybe Kristen thinks everyone looks like Rupert Sanders because she's obsessed with him? Or wait, maybe we're obsessed with Kristen thinking everyone looks like Rupert Sanders? I don't know. All I know is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are planning on making their first red carpet appearance as a couple since the final Twilight film, and it's gonna be transcendent.

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Word on the street is, Kristen really wants Rob to attend the Met Costume Gala with her next month -- and since the two rarely make public appearances together, this would be huge. A source said: "Kristen would love for Rob to attend the MET gala with her in New York in May. She knows Rob isn't crazy about these types of events and having to dress up, but she has asked him." In other words, she wants the world to know that they're together and more in love than ever, so we can all shut the f*ck up already. Fair enough.

I personally would love to see Rob and Kristen walk the red carpet arm-in-arm. It would once and for all put all these are they or aren't they rumors to rest. I know Rob thinks every time his picture is taken, a piece of his soul is stolen, but sometimes you've just gotta do things to make the ol' missus happy, amiriteguys?

Would you like to see Rob and Kristen together on the red carpet?


Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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Becky Bowen

love  this  cause  the  paps  need  to  keep  thier  bull  with  them  alone  a  fan  always


Patricia Rust

Very much so, I would love to see them on the red carpet arm & arm.

They are so cute together, and then maybe you all will shut the F---K UP.


Tresa Kizer-Echlin

I would personally like to see the Media shut up and leave these two alone!  My Heavely God help you people who are so intent on bashing these two young people and trying to make something out of nothing or creating crap out of thin air.  Seriously!  There are more important issues to report, i.e. hunger, war, and disasters happening just here in the US!  Give it a rest... please!

Melissa Baldwin

i would like to see them together more but in the same sense there people too media can back off the drama bullsh--

nonmember avatar AMW

I would love to see them together looking like they are really together. No wonder the speculation continues because these two seem to not want any one to know they are a couple. I don't get it.
Just hope they show up looking in love.

nonmember avatar HALO101st

Pattinson has to be either the stupidest guy on this planet or the most gullible. How does anyone justify Stewart other than being the most untalented, uneducated, and least attractive little self-centered simps annoying people today?

Cathy J Zink

The writers for this page are so fucked up it isn't even funny!!! Do their lives suck so frigging bad that they have to bash others to get a kick outta life. Grow the F@#$% up people !! Oh and you call yourselves writers?? Please my 18 month old granddaughter could write better than all of you retards!!   Oh and to the idiot that said Kristen can't act.......... jealous much!?! She is great and has more talent than you do I am sure. If she was so bad then why would she keep getting parts you moron!! You need to grow up too!!

nonmember avatar carol

whatever happened to maybe just asking to take a few photos - not a thousand of the same thing over & over - paps are scum but reputable, honest photographers are rare in tinsel town! these two, rob & kris, i just don't understand what the big secret is all about really, if your a couple, great - if not, okay too! maybe he's just not that into you anymore kris..............just sayin'

Louise Anda

would love to see them walking arm and people will finally see how happy they are

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