'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'The Originals' Spins Off With a Giant Shocker!

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Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is known for its 'epic' episodes, but I went into this episode thinking it was going to be just another spinoff setup. Wow, was I wrong!

I am not a huge fan of The Originals storyline and will most likely not watch this spinoff since my man candy (i.e., Damon and Stefan) aren't front and center. However, tonight's episode definitely piqued my interest, to say the least.

I was wondering what they were going to use as a hook to get Vampire Diaries lovers to tune in to the new show, but I did not in a million years see this coming ...

[Spoiler Alert]

A Klaus Jr.?!!?!?! Seriously, I am picking my jaw up off the floor right now. Hayley is pregnant and Klaus is the Daddy?!!

Not only had I completely forgotten that Klaus and Haley slept together, but I had also forgotten Haley even existed! I mean, with everything else going on in this show ... who was paying attention to the stupid werewolf chick that disappeared episodes ago!

The thought of a family is very heartwarming and sentimental though, and it almost made me sad that Rebekah didn't follow Elijah back to New Orleans. I can't blame her, of course, after everything he's done to her, and I don't think that they can all of a sudden become one big happy family or anything, but a baby always brings a family together, no?

I'm still a little fuzzy on what the witches have in store for Klaus. They didn't really explain what they need him for, and even though I am really interested in seeing how this whole baby storyline is going to play out, I still want to know what the New Orleans witches want.

Also, just when I thought no one could become more obnoxious than Klaus, they go ahead and introduce Marcel, which only solidifies the fact that I will not be watching this spinoff.

Hmmm ... and of course Klaus calls Caroline and is anyone else wondering what Caroline is going to think about all this?

What did you think of The Originals? Do you think Klaus’s baby will end things with Caroline? Would you be into watching this series? 

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Karam Simmons

i dont think klaus having a baby will end things with him and caroline because hayley is just a baby mama, not a girlfriend. just cause they have a child together doesnt mean they have to be in a relationship.

Rosalinda Estrada

The Originals is AWESOME. I am so looking forward to the show.

nonmember avatar Raj

originals is far better than vampire dairies

Meesa Meesa

I didn't know this was going to be a spinoff. I will watch them both!

nonmember avatar Katherine

Loved this episode I want it to get picked up for a whole season its rocks. The whole Caroline and Klaus thing will not end I mean he called her at the end of the episode hes still clearly loves her. As for Haley I never really liked her she is just the 'Baby Mama'

Emily Horning Daniels

Um, the witches need Klaus to help take down Marcel from within his inner circle. That WAS explained...

Crystal H. Rymbuii

It's gr8 news that the show is officially picked up..just wish that baby drama wasn't part of it...

nonmember avatar Rachel

I was just as shocked at the pregnancy announcement, and I’m excited about where the story is headed. Working the night shift at DISH, I’m glad that I’ll have a way to watch the show when it airs. I always make sure to record the seasons of my shows with my DISH Hopper. The 2,000 hours of storage space is great with the amount of shows I watch.

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