‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Got a New Show & I Gotta Tell Ya, I’m Psyched (VIDEO)


farrah abrahamTeen Mom Farrah Abraham allegedly has a new show. The weird mom of one shared online that she's venturing back into TV to "help out a few girlfriends."

Wait. You don't think her "girlfriends" are her "breasts" and by "helping them out" she's going to go make another porno, do you?

I hope not.

As she, her dad, and her toddler wrap up negotiations on the sale of her adult film with James Deen, it sounds like Farrah's already moving on to bigger and better with this new show she's supposedly going to be on.

Granted, you have to take everything Farrah says with a grain of salt. She's the one who lied about making a sex tape (when really it was a porno), made up a fake boyfriend to get on Couples Therapy (which didn't pan out), and is so delusional that she's convinced she can sing (which she can't, at all).

I cannot imagine what show she's going on, but something tells me it will be on a high-brow channel like VH1 or Oxygen, maybe even Lifetime, if she's lucky.

I perused some of the programming on those channels to see what would fit with "helping out some girlfriends" and there's Bad Girls Club, Find Me My Man, Girlfriend Confidential L.A., Dance Moms (one can only dream), and I'm Having Their Baby, which would write itself.

Whatever show she's on, I'll be watching. Farrah has been an endless, endless! source of entertainment over the last few weeks, and I can't wait to see what she does next.

Do you a) think Farrah's actually got a new show, and b) if she does, will you watch?

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jalaz77 jalaz77

She is looking crazier and crazier the more time that goes on. I hope she doesn't have a new show, no I wil not watch it. I grew tired of these girls over a year ago when I realized their lives are a mess. Never knew she had friends...

nonmember avatar yeah right

This is just like her cooking show, made up. Unless its some skinemax after dark show or another internet show like the one she's been doing. Which she only gets paid for if people watch, so don't. Go get a job at hooters before you are too old, girl. I wouldn't use the name farrah anymore and just deny being that teen mom chic.

Salem Demise Cunningham

not gonna watch, she's crashing and burning she wont even be in the tabloids in 6 months.

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