Kim Kardashian Shows the Best Way to Wear a Thong While Pregnant (PHOTO)

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kim kardashianDid you know they make maternity thongs? I did not know this. But now I do, thanks to Kim Kardashian's see-through maternity dress. Oopsie! Now that I mention it, it's news to me that they make see-through maternity dresses, as well. Gwyneth Paltrow, we'll see your side-ass and raise you two pregnant butt cheeks.

Too much? Sorry, it's just been that kind of day. I guess we've all got side-boob fatigue and have moved on to glutes. But back to our story: Kim stepped out with Kanye in this adorable LBD that was almost perfect, except for the sheer panels that happened to reveal her thong-clad bottom. At the risk of tempting eyes to roll, I just have to ask -- did she do it on purpose?

(Come to think of it, maybe a thong doesn't need to be maternity. It's just a tiny bit of elastic.)

Now I am not going to be boring and say this is shockingly improper for a pregnant lady. I kind of feel like we're all past that now, don't you? Once Demi Moore posed pregnantly nude on the cover of Vanity Fair, it was anything goes from that point on. Hell, once summer hits, we're all just lucky pregnant women wear any clothes at all!

But back to my question -- did she know her dress would be so revealing? And if you do willingly wear a bum-revealing dress, which is preferred: Briefs of thongs? If you ask Kanye, clearly the answer is thong. A friend of mine once wore a black maxi-dress, which I'm sure she thought was opaque, but it was not. And she, too, was wearing a thong, as everyone at the playground noticed. (THE PLAYGROUND.)

Anyway. Now you know. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to keep your light under a bushel. Shine, shine away!

kim kardashians ass

Do you think Kim knew her dress exposed her rear end?


Image via E! Online

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nonmember avatar Mama d

Ok 1st off she's not wearing a thong she is wearing what is known as sports cut briefs, big difference from a thong... I don't really like Kim but at least she is comfy in her own skin well preggers... Also she could have asked someone how she looked but choose not to and decided to go bold!!!

nonmember avatar Danni

I too wondered, what thong? She wears it with confidence, and it looks good!

nonmember avatar Laura

Okay, MAYBE, she's not wearing a thong. Regardless of that, why not wear a full on boyshort? That way she can keep her sheer panels and not expose her ass. Wearing a thong or sexy underwear while pregnant? Hell yes but why have anyone ( in her case the world,) see your sexy undergarments other than your partner? I just can't with her maternity choices, just no.

Trinity Nevaeh Sullivan

If this is  Krazy for the Kardashians!  HOW COME ALL YOU DO IS PUT KIM DOWN??? I AM NO LONGER A FAN. I HOPE OTHERS FEEL THE SAME WAY. Please do not judge HER, I don't recall you carrying any cross or dying for HER sins. You can call HER whatever you want, but God knows who SHE is!! Amen

nonmember avatar Teri

Ok. First off we're not judging her, we are giving our opinion on her attire. Why bring God into this? Second, I'm no prude. I like to dress sexy, within reason. This is just ridiculous. If you can't be modest before pregnancy, can you at least be a little modest during pregnancy? I just don't like this look at all. Her attire has been horrible during this pregnancy.

Trinity Nevaeh Sullivan

Still stick to what i said!!! If this is  Krazy for the Kardashians!  HOW COME ALL YOU DO IS PUT KIM DOWN???

nonmember avatar Richard

What a hog

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