Gift Guide: The Escapist

Check each of the Daily Buzz channels every day this week to find gift ideas for all the different people in your life.  Earlier this week, here in Entertainment Buzz, we gave you gift ideas for the Philanthropist, the Action Junkie and the Celeb Obsessed. Tomorrow, we'll also have gift ideas for the Tech Savvy and then very soon...Stocking Stuffers!

What will you get the Escapist in your life?

The Escapist is the person on your list who needs a break. Your sister with two toddlers or your friend with a sick mom. Here are some ideas for entertainment gifts to help this person escape! 

 Lost-The Complete Fourth Season DVD

Cost: $36.99

Where to, Deep


Extras: DVD on sale December 9th!

Why I Love It: Worrying about the smoke monster, polar bears, and The Others is a great escape from real life problems!


Lost-Season 4 DVD

Photo by: BV Entertainment



Hairspray DVD

Product: Hairspray DVD

Cost: $8.49

Where to, Wal-Mart.

Extras: John Travolta is a scream as Tracy Turnblad's mother!

Why I Love It: Hairspray is kitschy fun with toe-tappin' beat. Guaranteed to bring a smile.



 Twilight book

Cost: $6.04-$7.99

Where to Buy:, Barnes & Noble.

Extras: Best escape you can find under $10!

Why I Love It:  You don't have to like vampires to love Twilight. It's a love story and a wonderful escape!







Product: The Last Lecture book

Cost: $13.17

Where to Buy: Barnes & Noble,

Extras: It's very inspiring and an easy read.

Why I Love It: Professor Randy Pausch's last lecture. Dying of cancer, the 46-year-old professor delivered his last lecture, which was uploaded to You Tube. Pausch became famous for this lecture just before he died in July 2008.






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