Justin Bieber’s Latest Drug Scandal Means He Needs an Intervention

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Justin BieberOh, that Justin Bieber. Not a week, nay, an hour seems to go by without his troublemaking antics making the news, and this hour is no different. Reportedly, police in Sweden, where Bieber is currently touring, smelled a distinct aroma outside of his tour bus, which was parked in front of a hotel, and they got a warrant to search the vehicle. Ohhh, guess what they found? Gueeeessss, people.

I know it's hard to fathom but drugs were reportedly found on Bieber's bus. I KNOW. Crazy, right? Swedish papers are reporting that it was cannibis -- and a small amount was found on the floor. And since the bus was empty at the time, they don't know who brought it on, so they can't arrest anyone. Hmm. If the aroma was that strong, the cops must have just missed the party!

I don't even WANNA know what's gonna happen when Biebs reaches Amsterdam. How many more capuchin monkeys need to suffer in quarantine because of the blurred perception of this reefer mad pot star? I mean, if the drugs were his, of course. He could have just been along for the contact high!

TMZ reports that in the hours before cops raided his tour bus, Biebs was seen with his friend Lil Za, one of the guys who was seen toking it up with Biebs earlier this year. Biebs admitted on Saturday Night Live that he'd indulged in the green, saying:

I also heard he got busted for smoking weed and he's really sorry about it and people make mistakes and he's never gonna do it again.

Erm, right.

I mean, look, it's pretty obvs by now that the kid is a weed smoker, isn't it? Are we going to be in denial forever? That 12-year-old boy who looked like a girl and sang in that sweet falsetto is GONE, my friends. He's now the teen you hope your kid doesn't become.

Being world famous during your formative years has got to melt your mind more than pot. And there comes a time when the people around you can't force you to do anything, you're an adult and are responsible for your own decisions.

Biebs and his crew got off easy this time. I hope they don't have tour dates coming up in the Philippines or Malaysia or we might not see Justin for a verrrry long time.

What is your opinion of Biebs these days?


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kelly... kelly24019

Seriously? It's pot and he's what 19? I hate him but its pot which is legal in states now and even more for medical uses...

Sierr... SierraLynn

Yes, Kelly it is legal in a few of our states. But if you read, he was in Sweden where it is illegal. Its obvious he has no respect for the local laws of the places he is visiting. And Im pretty sure he or whoever brought it on his bus are using it for medical purposes.

daydr... daydreamer6170

pot should be legal everywhere, so who cares. talk intervention when hes using real drugs

Jenny... JennyG0929

Pot is a non-issue. Drinking is worse.

nonmember avatar d gold

Pot is illegal in the United States under federal law doesn't matter what the states do. You can still get arrested. Bieber is just a kid with a big bank account. He needs to grow up!

Coles... Coles_mom

And even in the states it's legal in, it's only for 21 and up...

nonmember avatar heather

intervention? really?

nonmember avatar Shawn

Really come back to me when he is usuing real drugs pot is not a drug its a plant this author who wrote this I hope u get sued cause you really are an idiot pot really isint a bad thing and again your an idiot for even writing this article about him needing an intervention

Lizzy Buckler

come on its weed! not ice or heroin, its pretty much the udl of drugs. give the kid a break. personally i think his reckless driving is a much bigger issue.

nonmember avatar shelby

first of. pot is a drug. whether or not its a plant, has nothing to do with. opium is a plant. oh hey, and a drug. its herion. and highly addictive and easy to over dose on. caffiene? comes from a plant. tobacca? plant. beer? plant ( i think :) ) mushrooms? plant. cociane? plant. All drugs. all bad for you and abusabley. "natural" or "being a plant" doeant make it any better. 2nd pot is illegal. it may be decriminiziled in some u.s. states, but that means you dont take it out of the state. you take ten minutes to go from colorado to kansas with a baggy, bam. tranportation. possesion. intent to distrubute. see you in a year or 3. felony. misdemeaner. felony. you repect the la

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