‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Ninth Arrest Puts Disturbing Series on the Chopping Block

jenelle evansSome of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' cast mates have expressed their concern and have wished her well, but that might all change now that a source is claiming that MTV is officially canceling the series. E! is reporting that the fifth season of Teen Mom 2 was about to start filming, but Jenelle's latest arrest, this time for domestic violence and heroin possession, has made network execs put a stop, once and for all, to the madness.

If you're keeping track at home, this marks Jenelle's ninth mugshot.

Her heroin related arrest last week has "ruined any chance of a season 5." Allegedly, MTV only agreed to shoot a fifth season if Jenelle stayed clean and completed a therapy program. Since that's obviously not happening, it sounds like MTV's gotta make good on their ultimatum and cease production on one of their most popular shows.

It'll be interesting to see how the other girls react. Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Calvert were probably thrilled they got a fifth season and were likely looking forward to cashing MTV's paychecks. Now, it would seem, the lights have been shut off and everyone's gone home. Thanks, Jenelle.

But really, the network had no choice. With the recent death of a Buckwild star, many were taking a hard look at the programming and wondering where, or if, MTV would draw the line. When they canceled Buckwild after Shain Gandee's death, we were confused why Teen Mom 2, which ostensibly rewards teenage mothers and tolerates their drug habits and abuse patterns in the name of ratings, was getting another season.

Jenelle's alleged heroin addiction combined with the fact that her husband pleaded guilty to battery against their unborn child is all very real, but it doesn't belong on reality TV.

MTV hasn't commented on the cancellation of Teen Mom 2, but if they're a thoughtful bunch, they're packing up the cameras and wrapping production as we speak.

Do you think they should cancel Teen Mom 2?


Photo via Brunswick County Jail

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nonmember avatar Jules

I like teen mom. I think it does a good job of portraying what it is like to be a teen mom, except the fact that these moms can afford houses and cars which most teen moms can't. It does show some of the struggles these moms go through. Wish they would have had this show when I was younger, I would have learned a lot about what to do and what not to do as a new mom. Jenelle is most likely bipolar, she acts just like my youngest daughter, which is a nightmare. She needs to be locked up until she gets her life straight, or something. I do think Jenelle needs to be off the show and not getting paid. I like Leah and Kailyn and I hope they make it in life.

eleph... elephantmamaof2

I was on the bandwagon for cancelling it a long time ago, but the recent events have actually changed my mind. Yes, these things ARE very real, and that's why I think they DO belong on tv. For so long MTV has made it seen glamorous to have a baby as a teen. The majority of girls somewhat have their heads on pretty straight, therefore they're reaping the benefits of their mtv paycheck. But Janelle's story shows what does sometimes happen to teen mothers. She has a very very sad situation and I think that maybe it would be beneficial to show the bad things that can go down. Who doesn't look at Janelle and say "I NEVER want to end up like that girl"? 

nonmember avatar kaerae

The network isn't responsible for this. This is how a lot of teen moms go out. I think it's an interesting show. Everyone on COPS was committing crimes, and that stayed on for decades. It's happening whether they film it or not, I hope they continue.

Eddie... EddiesMama83

Can't they just kick Jenelle to the curb? Kailyn, Leah, and Chelsea are all well-adjusted and shouldn't have to suffer for Jenelle's serious problems. 

nonmember avatar Amber dronet

I think the show should go on but without Janellle.. I have watched the show with my daughter and it

Actually does help these young girls to make better

Decisions.. Janelle has way to many issues and needs to get back to reality and her mother needs to stop helping her and let her sit in jail.. Janelle is not a teen mom.. Last I checked she has never cared for her child...with that said I don't know why she was ever even on the show.. She needs to stop playing with men and drugs or her mom will be raising more babies on Walmart wages... So sad

LaDonna Rogers

no but i do think they need to drop janelle off the show.

nonmember avatar Nona

I Dont Think They Should Cancel Teen Mom 2 I Think They Should Just Get Rid Of Jenelle. Why Ruin Anything For The Other Moms Who Are Doing An Amazing Job. They Should Have Got Rid Of Jenelle From The Start.

Brittany Boback

I like teen mom and have been following it. I think they should still have another season and just kick Janelle off of it! She is the most immature teen mom on teen mom 2!

Ashley Nicole Nutt

Honestly I love Teen Mom. Watching the stuff that the teen moms are going through makes me think twice about having unprotected sex, let alone sex. I think that the show should keep being aired but without Jenelle. I think she needs to be taken off camera. Taking her off the show will make everything so much better. Not saying that I have anything against Jenelle I just think that she's not being a mature mom. I mean she has a son and she's going and doing that stuff. That's just not right. Just kick Jenelle off the show. That's my honest opinion.

Irene Coe

now maybe her and the other girls will really step up go to school or work full time,not happy for the show itself but will be a real wake up for the girls

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