Jenelle Evans TOTALLY Beats Amber Portwood for Most Messed Up 'Teen Mom'

Amber PortwoodTeen Mom Jenelle Evans has been arrested a whopping nine times in her short life. Her latest arrest for heroin possession may have given her one more mug shot for the scrapbook, but it also gave her something else: The attention of the first "bad girl" of Teen Mom. Yes, Amber Portwood's baby daddy Gary Shirley is weighing in with his advice for Evans and it's actually pretty good.

He tweeted at the star and told her essentially that she should learn from Amber, and that if she were anywhere else, she would have been in prison long ago.

Gary Shirley, FTW! He is so right on here. Amber Portwood is no one's role model, but maybe in this case, she should be. No one knows better than Amber about the mistakes that can land you in prison (or worse). And she is trying to get better. The latest news is that she is even teaching anger management classes.

In all the years of issues with Amber, I never once thought she didn't love her child. She was messed up, but not to the same level as Jenelle. Jenelle is just a whole other ball game when it comes to this. So will she ever get better? I'd say no.

But she can try.

Just like Amber, she can take her issues and she can turn them into good. But she has to do that herself. No one can do that for her. For Amber, it took hitting bottom and really accepting her issues and accepting prison.

If that is what it took, that was what she was willing to do. Her love of her daughter Leah was readily apparent. Jenelle, not so much. These two majorly messed up women aren't exactly the same. Amber at least has the desire to get better. Jenelle? Not so much.

Given that she tweeted about her sobriety hours before her heroin arrest and she openly sought drugs during her last show on MTV, it's becoming readily apparent that Jenelle has a major issue. Major. As in, may never get better.

I never discounted Amber, though. There is always hope for her. So, yes. Jenelle, take a page from our girl Amber and get yourself straight. Whatever it takes, just do it. You will be so much happier.

Do you think Jenelle will ever get it together?


Image via MTV

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Heather Shumaker

Jenelle will never get better, she doesn't want to, shes a waste of space on this earth and MTV should be ashamed to continue airing her on television! Its girls like her that girl young moms a bad rap, she doesn't care for her child all she cares about is herself, fame, and money. Twitter Facebook and all Internet pages should completely ban her from using any of there websites, Just saying the girls a mess and shouldn't be publicized for young girls to watch screw up... its a shame

nonmember avatar Amanda May

Herion is a very hard drug to get off of. Once you get on that stuff, you've basicly already givin up on your whole life. Its just a matter of time before she looses her life to it. It happened to my Uncle. Herion completely changes who you are. It changes your whole life and everyones life arou.d you. I just feel bad for her. She should try to get soe serious help before its too late. I believe in you Janelle! :)

Kimberly Shults Smith

the difference in Amber and Jenelle is jenelle just wants to party and is SPOILED a$$ rotten.Why else would she have gotten fake boobs instead of spending that money on her CHILD she does nothing for.Amber is at least a loving Mom it was her issues with her boyfriend.I think it is BULLS*** that Jenelle is NOT locked up and Amber is!!

Jennifer Rose Hayes

I belive in Jennelle .She just needs someone to actually fully care. Doesn't seem like she has much if you ask me. If her mom would let her see her son when she's sober then maybe she would quit thinking she has to use drugs to fight the pain. I think if she went away for a really long time she would see there is more to life maybe a rehab. Also people leave her alone i 'm sure if you had a child that someone was keeping you'd be pissed too. Help her don't ridicule her! Also i think her and her mom need counseling.

Jenel Nieves

We all can Prayer she does ....  but i'm not holing my breath any !

Kayla Biemer

when teen mom 1 aired all we heard about was how amber was in the media for being a bad girlfriend to gary and how she did this or did that now teen mom 2 is on and its all about what is jenelle arrested for this week or who is jenelle dating today ... jenelle needs to get a serious look at reality and stop doing the crap shes doing to her son and mother. the girl is bi-polar but theres treatment out there and if you can afford fake boobs you can afford treatment and aybe if jenelle quit thinking of men and paid more attention to herself and her son she wouldnt be in and out of jail she wouldnt be on drugs and the media wouldnt have such a bad rap to give her. 

Jeannie Phillips Morgan

Jennifer rose hayes, seriously!? There so many things I could say but, let me say this its Because Jennelle is like this she chooses not to see her child! Not the other way around!


Laura Van Melle

I agree with Jennifer that Jenelle needs someone to care about her 100%. Not just one person, but many. If her mom would let her see her son way more often than she does, she wouldn't only stay away from drugs, but she wouldn't need company from a booooyfriend all the time. I think she needs something more than rehab, but not jail or prison. She needs to get away from the world for a while, not just a month or two at a time. Jenelle is incredibly lucky that she isn't serving time right now after all those arrests.

Ashleigh Downing Gilbert

Are ya'll blind? The girl is messed up. She has had every chance to be a mom and has chosen men and drugs over her child. She does not deserve such a precious gift as a child ! Her mom has been there for her through everything. If I was her mom I would protect Jace also.

nonmember avatar Jessica

I have to agree the girl is the one that signed her rights off to her mother if she really cared about her son she would try and get help an try to get her son back but she is more worried about herself than she is her child when you have kids it's not about you anymore it's all about them jenelle is really messed up and needs some help really bad maybe her going to jail or prison for awhile might help her realize what is really important and those places can be really good rehab cause normally when people send u stuff or mail you something they go through it before u get to have it jenelle needs to get over herself I can honestly say if she really wanted to stop drugs and get clean and get help she could but she choose not to that her fault not anyone else's

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