New ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 Spoilers About Our Favorite Wicked Duo (VIDEO)


obrien thomasIt's been a while since we've heard some good scoop about Downton Abbey's fourth season, don't you think? I don't know if you're combing the Internets for DA crumbs as obsessively as I am -- perhaps you have things to do. But it's been slim pickings lately.

But behold, a few crumbs! And some of it has to do with the couple voted TV's "favorite feud" in TV Guide's 2013 Fan Favorites list. Guess who I miss even more than sweet Lady Sybil and handsome Cousin Matthew?

O'BRIEN. O'God, sometimes I lie awake at night wondering if there will be any point at all in watching the next season of Downton Abbey without the constant Spy vs. Spy sparring between Thomas and O'Brien -- that's the duo fans voted as their favorite feud, of course. The plotting maid is an "evil genius," says Rob James-Collier, the actor who plays our favorite outed gay under-butler. "Thomas was too arrogant and thought he could outwit her. He couldn't." And we loved every juicy moment of it.

So what now, then? Who will fill O'Brien's wicked witch slippers -- and is Thomas going soft on us? Blimey, if every character in the series turns sympathetic, the whole thing will turn into a vat of gloppy Christmas pudding! Say it isn't so.

James-Collier says not to worry. "Fans won't be disappointed next season. I'm pretty sure Thomas will find someone else to fall in line with him and start sniping. But no one could ever replace O'Brien. Never!" Okay, I feel a little bit better now, I suppose.

So maybe we've got a foil for Thomas. But when will he find luuuuuv? Even 'tween the wars, outlaw gays got lucky every once in a while, and Thomas has been spurned at every turn. (Although if you ask me, pretty-boy footman Jimmy is a total closet case.) I've got my eye on Nigel Harmon, who will play a visiting valet named Green. I'm just saying ... he's cute, he's just passing through, maybe he's man candy for Thomas?

In other news, Julian Ovenden, who plays one of Lady Mary's possible suitors, Charles Blake, has a perfectly nice head of hair. So then what's this about a wig?!? When asked in a recent interview if Charles Blake and Lady Mary hit it off, Ovenden replies, "Yes, let's hope! We will have to see. But, first, I have some wigs to worry about." Okey dokey, then.

Anyway, because we need more, here's the Downton cast answering fans' questions.

Do you think Thomas will have another lonely season?


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nonmember avatar Travis

The new season of Downton Abbey cannot air quickly enough for me. I've been reading any article I can find about the new season and I'm disappointed we won't see more feuding between Thomas and O'Brien. As excited as I am for the new season; I know I'm going to miss watching it air because I'll be working late at DISH. Even though I won't be home to watch it live, I know I won't miss anything because I'll have the season record to my DISH Hopper. It can record up to six shows at once during primetime every day so my whole family can watch and record what they want, when they want, without DVR conflicts causing us to miss episodes.

nonmember avatar Olga

Why is Miss O'Brien leaving and if she's coming back? Still upset about Mattrew and Sybril!! Have Mary have nightmares about Matthew and Tom keep dreaming about Sybil!! Have Anna get pregnant and a lady with a title marry Tom.

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